Monday, October 17, 2011

Cain's Border Solution

‎"I’m going to build a wall twenty feet high, cover it in barbed wire, and electrify it. I’m going to put a big sign on it that says if you touch this, it will kill you. Then I’m going to dig a big moat as long as a football field and I’m going to fill it with alligators. If anyone can climb that wall, swim that moat, fight off the alligators and live to tell about it, I’m going to find them a job." Herman Cain

Thank you for restoring humor to politics, Mr. Cain!


Cain over Obama

New polling data from Scott Rasmussen suggest Herman Cain has 43%-41% advantage in a head-to-head against Obama. The unlikely candidate needs another good showing with added substance behind 9-9-9 to maintain this momentum. He is now the primary target. His lead is his to hold.

Rasmussen: Cain 43, Obama 41 - Hot AirIs Herman Cain electable? As he keeps the nation's attention on his unorthodox run for the Republican presidential nomination, Cain has begun to show strength in general-election polling at Rasmussen.

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