Thursday, May 26, 2011

Governor Christie: New Jersey's Future is Green

Everyone who thinks this guy is the real deal, wake up. Every premise he works off of are flawed and incorrect. The bottom line is, the cap and trade system is not robust enough for Christie. "No new coal permitted in New Jersey." Thanks but no thanks. He can stay in NJ. Many of you will disagree and that is fine. I can respect his "conservative" positions, but only in NJ.

Bill Clinton/Paul Ryan Conspire Against Medicare 5-25-2011

The headline seems misleading to me. Paul Ryan, even when taped against his knowledge, discusses with President Clinton that Republicans needed to take the first big step towards entitlement reform. This only ups his star in my opinion. What are your thoughts?

Sen. Rubio: "Why We Must Save Medicare"

Marco Rubio has been a favorite of ours since Mark Levin brought him onto the national stage. His support of Paul Ryan's budget displays his courage to fight for seniors, future Medicare recipients, and this country's financial future. The republican party and conservatism are served well by Rubio and Ryan.

High court sustains Ariz. employer sanctions law | The Daily Caller

The story here is that Elena Kagan recused herself from the case. Something she probably will not do when ObamaCare comes before the Supreme Court. Regardless, this is a big win for AZ.

High court sustains Ariz. employer sanctions law | The Daily Caller