Friday, November 26, 2010

What We Believe, Part 7: American Exceptionalism

Many of you have said that it is US policy that has brought on the wrath of terrorist peoples, nations, and cultures. I say you are wrong. It is our greatness in every aspect of life that has created envy, hate and jealousy. Our way of life, the principles of our founding, and our compassion as a nation is why they hate us. Please take 12 minutes out of your day to watch this video.

Hey, Warren, put all your money where your mouth is « Hot Air

From Hot Air - Amen, amen, amen. Pony up Warren.

A Thanksgiving Message to All 57 States

Sarah Palin goes off on the main stream media. If for nothing else, this is fantastic for quick reference to Obama gaffs.

A Thanksgiving Message to All 57 States

General Motors: We all fall down

We played no role in the decision, General Motors. If we conservatives had the choice, we would have allowed you to enter bankruptcy court like every other poorly managed company. Thank you for the thank you, now get your stock up so our government, not us, recovers the money you did not deserve.