Sunday, November 7, 2010

Breaking Point: Part I

Part 1 of 3. Please watch these in succession. Very powerful but also a resource for all of the incoherence of this Congress and administration. Wear a mouth guard while watching because excessive teeth grinding may occur.

Breaking Point: Part II

Part 2 of 3.

Breaking Point: Part III

Part 3 of 3.

11/6/10 - Sen.-elect Marco Rubio (R-FL) Delivers The Weekly GOP Address

Senator-elect Marco Rubio delivering the real message of hope and change. I cannot wait until this man gets his chance to lead this nation.

No Compromise: Issa, Ryan and Cantor Will Cut Runaway Federal Spending

Fox News Sunday hosting Paul Ryan and Darrell Issa. These 2 men are going to play a huge part of putting this liberal ship on a Conservative course. Good watch if you have 12 minutes.