Monday, November 1, 2010

Stopping Sarah Palin | RedState

To RedState founder Erick Erickson, it is like you hear me thinking! Great piece by one of my faves....The establishment GOP will not go down without a fight. I for one stand with Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin as well.

Joe Miller race now a referendum on Sarah Palin - David Catanese -

The Politico is so pathetic. Yet another hit-piece out on Sarah Palin (in addition to the one Mark Levin referenced earlier). It's funny how TP thinks they can influence our opinion of her. Her voice is infinitely more powerful than theirs. She has given conservatives and conservatism new life. Wins we have tomorrow are in large part due to efforts from Palin.

Is It November 2nd Yet?

Each of us need to have the last laugh....err word. Originally posted at The Daily Caller.

More PPP: Rossi ahead in WA, Kirk up in IL � Hot Air

Being the page admin, I have clear insight into the number of people from CA, WA, IL, WV, DE, & NV (but not who you are ;). If each of you bring a few friends or family members to the polls with you or if you email or call those few people on the fence about voting, we can win these senate races. I would hate to wake up on Wednesday morning knowing we were only a few votes short of sealing Conservative victories across this great country. Today we fight and tomorrow we vote. Wednesday we inhale the sweet smell of victory!