Monday, October 25, 2010

Pelosi: Obamacare Will Supply 400,000 Jobs Almost Immediately!

Funny how liberals are never held accountible for their words. 400,000 jobs almost immediately huh Pelosi? 4,000,000 over the life of the bill? Time to get more fired up that we've ever been before. One week from tomorrow we will make a difference.

Jerry Brown "it's all a lie... I didn't have a plan for California"

Meg Whitman...use $100M to play this over and over and over again.....

Latino ad on Barbara Boxer: You're no friend - Scott Wong -

Babs, you're no friend. When you say you, "respect people", you are not a friend to the unborn. When you say you've "worked hard for immigration", you are not a friend to our Constitution. Get out of the way Babs, Carly Fiorina has arrived and wants to clean up your mess.

TV Ad: Crushed

Carly Fiorina is closing in on the finish line; up in one poll and within the MOE in a couple others. This race is close and easily winable. Please friends, encourage your independent and Reagan Conservative friends and family members to come out in support of Carly.

Pelosi on Deficit

The video is via and this staggering statistic is from Hot Air writer Ed Morrissey:

+ Republicans in control for 12 years: Added $4.034 trillion (avg $336.17 billion/yr)
+ Republicans in control during Bush era: Added $3.201 trillion (avg $533.5 billion/yr)
+ Democrats in control of Congress during Bush/Obama era: Added $4.603 trillion (avg 1.48 trillion/yr)