Friday, September 17, 2010

Employment generation disappointing: LA City Controller - International Business Times

This is the kind of crap that fuels the Tea Party Express. How can this much money only "save" or create this many jobs? Let me give you an example, facebook has reportedly raised, from private venture capital companies, just over over $200 million and has CREATED over 1,000 jobs. Private sector or government? No brainer folks. Liberals can never intelligently argue this point.

Tea Party Express Is Driven by a Seasoned Hand -

Via The Daily Caller, The Wall Street Journal points out what many, many of you have been saying here: we are done giving to the RNC. The Tea Party Express has our best interests at heart and because of that, we will donate there. For those of you who currently contribute to or formerly contributed to the RNC, will you or have you changed your donation behavior?

It’s Not Ronald McDonald’s Fault - HUMAN EVENTS

Jedediah Bila has ascended onto the national scene through appearances on Sean Hannity's show on Fox News and through the endorsements of Mark Levin. If you do not follow her on facebook or twitter, don't worry, CT will be bringing her articles to you because she is always hitting the libs where it counts. This article focuses on personal responsibility. We have focused on California's initiatives to ban Happy Meals and now this comes along.