Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ken Buck Gets the Truth From Michael Bennet on His Concern for Earmarking

Colorado, this video should tell you who to vote for to be your next Senator. Tea Party Patriots on the march in Colorado!

Townhall - Christine O'Donnell Must Be Punished!

Another great piece on the Tea Party tide vs. Big Government vs. GOP establishment vs. liberals. Hat tip to the Great One, Mark Levin for providing the link.

Sharron Angle TV Ad: "Best Friend"

Let's not forget the biggest race in the country....Harry Reid must be defeated by Sharron Angle. Time to do what we can to support her, either through cash, calls, speaking to family and friends in Nevada, whatever we can.

Rush on Karl Rove's O'donnel comments

Good Lord...thank you Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network! The ditto cam was on fire today thanks to El Rushbo's passion. Karl Rove, you listening? We must, must get behind our Conservative candidates. Now is the time to support, not to rip aprt our own. As someone questioned here yesterday, this is a conservative page, right? Well you damn right it is. I share in Rush's passion to adamantly support, unapologetically, Christine O'Donnell. There is no reason we cannot make her the 51st vote in our cause. Now, dammit, let's do this.

Hot Air � Cornyn: NRSC fully backing O’Donnell, giving maximum donation

NRSC throwing their weight behind O'Donnell despite early claims they would not. Good on Sen. Cornyn. The next 48 days are going to be amazing.