Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hot Air � Waxman: You’re darned right we Democrats will pursue cap-and-trade next year

You want to know why we take our chances on Christine O'Donnell? 1) Conservative principles should not be compromised regardless of electibility. 2) Mike Castle would love to vote for Crap and Tax.

I don't want to compromise with these extreme leftists who completely disregard our Constitution. The Good Ole Boys need to realize they will not be supported in these races, and when/if they do realize they need to return to Conservative principles, we can have coast-to-coast majorities back.

Lawsuit on Obama health plan likely going to trial - Yahoo! News

"This court is free to disagree with Congress' policy judgments but it is not free to overturn 75 years of Constitutional law."

Umm, yes, the Supreme Court can overturn anything they want if the law is not Constitutional. Precedent is not law....I'll get into this more later.