Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Woman Sues Facebook After Being Banned From Site

"Perhaps there is a human rights argument after all?" I am hoping the author of this piece is throwing out the absurd question to insight debate. I also post this to let you know that many, many people in the Silicon Valley follow websites like this (me for one) to gain insight into high-profile start-ups and public companies. Their influence, particularly on the coasts, seems absurd to middle-America I know, but it's real. These are small examples of why our coasts are so liberal. Subtle ideas like facebook being a human right......

Tea Party promises to be a force in November - Yahoo! News

Astro-turf huh Pelosi? We Tea Party Patriots are in the process of taking back our country and our party. We will Remember November by coming for you and your liberal friends, politically speaking of course.