Friday, August 27, 2010

Al Sharpton: Glenn Beck Trying to "Hijack" Civil Rights Movement - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

We all knew this was inevitable. Al Sharpton claiming Dr. King was in favor of government intervention in minorities lives. Umm no Mr. Sharpton, Dr. King wanted the government to protect equality of lives. It is your political policy positions that suppress the liberties, freedoms and potential of minorities in this great country. Dare I say that African Americans would be better off without your support Mr. Sharpton?

Victory is the Only Option

Thank you to Sarah Palin for sharing this clip. It is true, we do not say this enough, God Bless our troops!

Bernanke: Fed will take action if economy falters - Yahoo! Finance

With many of our fellow citizens unemployed and desperate for work, there are calls for more government intervention to "prop-up" our economy. Do you want government intervention to prevent a depression (assuming we're not in one now) or do you feel it is time for an economic "cleansing"? - Economic Growth Rate Downgraded to Anemic 1.6 Percent in Second Quarter

More bad news everyone. Q2 GDP figures revised downward. As an FYI, to officially emerge from a recession you need consecutive quarters of 5.5% GDP growth or better. We are nowhere near this rate of growth. Compound this with multiple economists saying today that the administration's gun barrel of solutions is empty. They've done everything they can, really?

Justice Department Gives Second Ultimatum in Sheriff Arpaio Investigation - Political Punch

Just another example of this administration's priorities being in the wrong place. Sheriff Joe doesn't deserve this. He is protecting the sovreignty of this nation.