Monday, August 23, 2010

Justice Department approves Georgia voter verification system | Georgia Elections News

Why would be people be opposed to States checking citizenship of voters? Are you not required to be a citizen to vote? Do you just take someone's word for it when they come to vote? What are your thoughts? This will inevitably become a hot topic in the months to come.

Rep. Phil Hare: Questions About the Constitution & Health Care Are "Sill...

Good to see Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL) has come around on the Constitution. You would think at some point he would pick it up, read it from end to end and answer this question. Of course, this is rhetorical because he knows the Constitution does not grant the power to the federal government to compel its citizens to purchase a good or service.

Hot Air � Dick Armey to GOP: Why don’t you have the guts to support Paul Ryan’s roadmap?

osted for the embedded video. Mr. Armey makes Granholm look foolish in this clip, then again, when hasn't Ms. Granholm looked foolish when explaining her positions on issues? Exit question, do you agree with Mr. Armey? Is courage the only thing standing between Republicans and their support of Paul Ryan's roadmap?