Thursday, August 12, 2010 - Arizona Lawsuit Is Latest to Challenge to Federal Health Care Law

We cannot lose sight of how destructive ObamaCare will be on our economy (and is already). Arizona is firing on all cylindars right now between immigration and health care. Electing Conservatives in November make the process of de-funding or repealing and replacing Obama Care all the more possible. We must stay motivated!

Washington vs. Paul Ryan -

The Wall Street Journal with another piece on Paul Ryan's Roadmap. Defining comment, "In that sense, Mr. Ryan is really presenting Washington with a philosophical choice between the status quo of an ever-larger and ever-more indebted government and a plan to pay for the promises we've made while still preserving free markets and economic growth." Wow! And Democrats claim Republicans do not have ideas.

Prop 8 Ruling Round Up | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

CA Prop 8 ruling round-up from The Heritage Foundation. The best quote I saw was, "He makes many sweeping pronouncements and factual findings with which I agree, but I don’t think his opinion rests on particularly solid legal ground, let alone a proper interpretation of the constitution’s text."

Dem group launches 'F*ck Tea' campaign - Ben Smith -

Mark Levin, have you seen this? Funny how we are the right-wing fringe. We are the radicals. They make themselves look silly.