Friday, August 6, 2010

� GOP’s Graham: Jesus’s ‘Golden Rule’ Compelled Me to Vote for Kagan - Big Government

Mr. Graham, do you really think Jesus would compel you to vote for a woman that will defend and adovocate the ability to kill a baby? Your logic is incredibly sound. Governor Palin's Accomplishments

Not that we need to defend Sarah Palin's accomplishments, but here is a handy list for those who regularly debate people that are clueless on this remarkable, Conservative woman. To say Palin is not experienced is an insult to the President. As Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network says, "Obama is the dumbest man in whatever room he walks into."

Nanny of the Month for July 2010: San Fran Soda Banner Mayor Newsom

I have railed against Mayor Newsom for a long time for many reasons. Here is a short video as to why this man is a menace to the great city of San Francisco. He takes great pride in being a tyrant. Please folks, do not judge me for attending Santa Clara University. Not all of us SCU alumni are like Janet Napolitano, Leon Panetta and Gavin Newsom.

What Recovery Summer? | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

The Heritage Foundation on top of it as usual. We pointed out yesterday, this is no summer of recovery. Obama will tout the handful of thousands of jobs created in the private sector (not to minimize these jobs) to downplay the other horrific statistics that go along with the numbers. With the census workers out of jobs and the few thousand of private sector jobs created, how did the unemployment rate remain the same? The sad answer is that people have given up looking. This nation is demoralized. Where is our inspirational Reagan? We don't want hollowed words Mr. President, we want Conservative action and policy behind those words (fat chance). Who will emerge?