Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sheriff Taylor's health pitch sparks cardiac arrest -

Have you seen Andy Griffith's commercial to rally support for ObamaCare? If not, hopefully you have the chance because it costed you a pretty penny. $700,000 to be exact. With 70%+ voting against ObamaCare in Missouri's Proposition C, I'm going out on a limb saying Missouri wants their money back.

Hot Air � GOP nomination for Stupak seat a photo finish

This is quite amazing. I remember seeing Dr. Benishek on Sean Hannity a few months ago. Mr. Morrissey's point at the end of the piece hopefully impresses upon each of us how important our vote truly is. "The big lesson: Don’t ever let anyone convince you that a single vote doesn’t count."

Hot Air � Carville pollster shows Democrats stumbling even further with electorate

Great read from Red State this morning. I love it when the charts and graphs are courtesy of Democrat loyalists! We have momentum...13 weeks!