Monday, August 2, 2010 - Illegal Immigrant Suspected of Killing Nun in Head-On Drunken Driving Crash

@Paula U....blonde and named Smith? Hopefully you ignorant folks that think illegal immigrants only reside in border states wisen up. This SOB killed a woman who selflessly gave her life to poverty and Christ and for what? To live in our country illegally, get drunk and be wreckless behind the wheel of a car....for the 3rd time no less! Mark Levin, please smack around a few drones over this tonight.

Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Puts a Price on Arizona Sheriff's Head

Via The Daily Caller. I doubt this will incentivize the Obama administration to secure the border. This is getting scary and sad quickly. I am sort of at a loss for words over this....

Rep. Ryan pushes budget reform, and his party winces

A good piece from the Washington Post on Paul Ryan. We have debated the positives and negatives of Ryan's Roadmap, but let's say this, he is the only politician, Republican or Democrat to put out a plan bold enough to restore some fiscal sanity to this great nation. As his roadmap proves, it will be a painful process, but a process we must go through at some point.

PETE STARK: - The Federal Government can do most anything in this count...

Courtesy of Breitbart...This woman is simply amazing. She lays out a simple, definable premise for Stark and let's him, voluntarily, put both of his feet in his own mouth. This woman is correct in saying that he is destroying this country. Taking an oath to defend and protect the Constitution is meaningless anymore. (Mark Levin and Jedediah Bila you'll enjoy this).