Sunday, August 1, 2010

Congress questions BP's use of dispersants in Gulf - Yahoo! News

What would it take to eliminate the EPA? They are now arguing BP used too many dispersants on the Gulf oil spill. Okay, let me get this straight, we'd rather have oil out, exposed, untreated and on the shore than utilize proven, chemical solutions. This is the same federal agency that says a gas that is required for human life (carbon) is a pollutant....and the liberals want this group running and taking over our economy via cap and trade. No thank you.

Ronald Reagan on Limited Government

Nothing motivates me more than clips of Ronald Reagan. November is our chance to restore power of government to the people. We must restore a check and a balance to the corruption and soft-tyranny (Mark Levin) that is driving our nation today. We must not lose our focus, energy or spirit. We Tea Party Patriots will take back our government and restore fiscal sanity to our great nation. - Palin Says Brewer Has Something Obama Lacks: 'Cojones'

Sarah Palin is one of the few Conservative figures who speaks their mind. In my opinion this is what frightens the left. Palin says what the American public is thinking and doesn't care what the mainstream media says. People can identify with this no BS approach to politics....bear in mind it can be a risky political calculation. But isn't this exactly the reason Palin rose to national prominance? She has the "every man/woman" appeal that so many other politicians lack. What are your thoughts? Does Palin's no BS approach to politics appeal to you?