Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paul Ryan: The Choice of Two Futures

One of Conservative Thinker's favorites Paul Ryan. Do you think he should consider a run in 2012 or would you prefer that he remain one of the core House Republicans pushing positive, Conservative legislation into this decade?

Statement by Governor Jan Brewer on SB 1070 | Jan Brewer

Governor Jan Brewer's statement on SB 1070. We need to support her and her fight. Add her to the list of outstanding female politicians walking the Conservative walk...(Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, Nikki Haley for Governor, etc.). This woman has been a machine on this issue. If other Republicans stood on principle like Gov. Brewer has, we'd be in great shape as a nation. - Quick Analysis of the Arizona Immigration Law Ruling

Fox News put out a succinct summary of the 1070 ruling in AZ. Please share.

DNC mocks Tea Party movement, calls them ‘elite’ | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Liberals have voluntarily disenfranchised themselves from middle-America. Calling Tea Party Patriots "elite" and just part of the Republican establishment? Tell the two Republican clowns in Nevada that ran against Sharron Angle or the others who ran against Rand Paul. Nikki Haley for Governor is another example. The Tea Party answers to know one or nothing except the Constitution. Branding the Tea Party as elite is only going to further push Democrats out of favor with the American people. h/t The Daily Caller

Pelosi on 75th Anniversary of Social Security: 'Democrats Will Keep Our Promises to Seniors Now and Into the Future'

Nancy Pelosi,"we will see Democrats are there to preserve Social Security; Republicans are there to privatize Social Security." What she is saying is that Democrats are pushing to bankrupt the country and Republicans are pushing a solution to reduce the unfunded liability and restore individual liberty? Did I get that right?

Cap-and-Trade Cronyism - HUMAN EVENTS

Great piece by CT's friend, the Brian Sussman Show. Suss has appeared on Sean Hannity's show and authored the book "CLIMATEGATE". This piece is particularly interesting to me given I live in the Silicon Valley and am an accountant. The money trail that Brian lays out is never investigated or publicized by the mainstream media. The potential payoff for Al Gore and his cronies is why this lame-duck Congress coming up is so frightening. We must keep calling our Senators to block any global warming or climate change bill that comes down the pike because it will not only create more bureaucracy, but it will raise our energy costs and make Al Gore an even richer individual off junk science.

Judge Blocks Parts Of Arizona Immigration Law -

H/t to Mark Levin. This judge has put our country on the fast track to losing our sovereignty. Why is it when you travel to Europe, you're required to have your passport on you? Why is it that if you break a law in this country, knowingly, and get caught doing so, you are a judge! These crucial components of the bill don't appear to be stripped, just blocked from taking effect...but can we really expect this judge to do the right thing now? As a side note, you RINO's in the Senate, you see why confirming Kagan would be an absolute tragedy for this country? If this case goes to the SCOTUS, she will not defend State's rights nor the Constitution. Pathetic.