Monday, July 26, 2010

Paul Ryan talks taxes & spending with MSNBC's Chris Matthews

Paul Ryan, my apologies for not watching your appearances live: 1) because I have a job and 2) because I refuse to give CM's ratings. Common sense and easy to understand language....who does that sound like? And NY, how can you elect a moron like this? A small price to pay for living in the greatest country in the world? That is outright socialism. Liberals complain about Iraq and Afghanistan (even though they voted to enter each war) but they have been creating class warfare since their inception. Pathetic.

Is this man Obama's worst nightmare?

Spend some time with this link everyone. Herman Cain has been supported by CT for a long time now. He is finally getting some national coverage and hopefully will garner more respect from Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots. If you have yet to see him speak, this link has many videos that will impress you the same way Ronald Reagan did. He has the perfect combination of eloquence and intelligence. I hope the conversation of 2012 candidates continues to include Mr. Cain. He may be the man we are looking for....

Oliver Stone: 'Jewish-Dominated Media' Prevents Hitler from Being Portrayed 'in Context' |

This should make you sick to your stomach. Hitler taken out of context? Really? Unless you mean the death and destruction caused by this jerk cannot be grasped unless experienced, then maybe. This Oliver Stone is a class-A lunatic. This man needs to be boycotted by Jews, Germans, and everyone who has any ties to a man or woman that aided in the defeat of the Nazi's and Hitler. Oliver Stone you are an embarrassment to our country.

Self-Reliance: Better Than Government Dependence | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

An eye opening study conducted by The Heritage Foundation. Please send this off to your liberal friends. The question I have is driven from the last paragraph: has our country lost a sense of pride in work and self-reliance? Have we become comfortable with having government always there to bail us out and prop us up?

Obama's message to voters: Things could be worse - Yahoo! News

Obama is right, things can be worse and he intends to follow through on that promise if we do not prevent him from furthering his agenda. He has had 18 months to stop the recession and reverse it. Success is measured by private sector job creation in the millions. That is the only way this country will see George W. Bush-era unemployment rates. He has the power to do this with his liberal Congress but refuses to utilize policy that works.