Friday, July 23, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Goes After Breitbart on AC360

Watch this at your own risk; be prepared to get extremely fired up. This woman, Shirley Sherrod, has proven to be an uneducated opportunist. If she had an decency, she would have corrected the audiences' reaction after her racist remarks during the much publicized speech Breitbart unearthed. Breitbart is not a racist and did not attempt to get you fired. Again, Ms. Sherrod, your speech did not nothing to sooth race relations, it inflamed them. Instead of suing, why don't you meet with Breitbart and show compassion instead of hostility? Why can't you recognize that the NAACP audience you had hanging on your every word was wrong for interpreting your "out-of-context" speech? This is bordering on the absurd....but Tea Party Patriots, yeah, we're the racists....of course.

White House predicts record $1.47 trillion deficit - Yahoo! News

The Obama machine will require much creativity and spin to blame this on George W. Bush. $1.47 trillion. This is absolutely staggering. If any of you listened to Mark Levin last night, he played clips of The One blaming US for HIS spending!! Obama is quite literally making a mockery of the office he holds. He has lost all credibility. He has proven that he is more committed to his leftist ideology and ego than preserving the greatness of this country and promoting wealth creation, prosperity and economic expansion. Serenity now!

Bernanke Says Extending Bush Tax Cuts Would Maintain Stimulus to Economy - Bloomberg

History has proven that tax cuts spur growth and generate more revenue for government (God know's we need more given the spending). Allowing the Bush tax cuts to lapse only for the rich only does what Alinsky calls for: pick the target, freeze it and demonize it as best you can. Redistributing wealth, further creating and enforcing class-structure and an electorate.

Hot Air � Judge scoffs at pre-emption argument in AZ lawsuit

This judge could be bringing us good news soon. It appears Eric Holder might be made the fool on this argument. Suing a state law that mirrors federal law makes zero sense. Not suing sanctuary cities for blatantly ignoring federal law also makes zero sense. Then again, the Obama Administration doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Hopes for the outcome we want in AZ!