Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Sean Hannity has been preaching this JW issue since early 2007. How much evidence does it take to convince the Drones among us? When will Americans wake up and dismiss the mainstream media? It is reassuring to know the 1,700+ of us are actively working to reverse the destructive course the media and this administration is on....

Hot Air � Crist flip-flops on ObamaCare

For those of you in Florida, please inform the page of what Marco Rubio is doing in to counter this man. How can Crist loft these softballs up without Rubio knocking them out of the park? Is Rubio baiting Crist and the voters? Will Rubio finally start throwing knockout punches or is he waiting until September/October?

Mark Levin reacts to Charlie Crist calling Reagan a RINO

Being a loyal fan of Mark Levin (more like devoted back-bencher), I dug up some audio of the GREAT ONE capturing my mood for Charlie Crist right now. I cannot stand this Crist. He said he was less a RINO than Ronald Reagan?! My head is going to explode. Please Florida, give us Marco Rubio.

Missouri's Future

As Matt Drudge pointed out this morning, here they come! The election season essentially kicked off today with Roy Blunt's first fire across the bow at the Obama/Pelosi/Reid machine. I look forward to seeing who can attack this machine in the most creative, articulate way. Regardless of the ads, the quickest way to bust the machine, is electing Sharron Angle!

Stimulating Unemployment -

The Wall Street Journal consistently puts out quality editorials and opinion pieces. When I watched the Rose Garden speech yesterday, I was thinking exactly what is discussed here. 99 weeks on unemployment....Mr. President, again, unemployment does not help the unemployed, jobs help the unemployed.