Saturday, July 17, 2010

Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit ( feat. Brad Stine

Absolutely hilarious. I hope you laugh as hard as I did!

Changing Tune, Administration Defends Insurance Mandate as a Tax -

I sure hope Mark Levin gets out in front of this with Landmark Legal. We have been talking about how ObamaCare makes a mockery of the Constitution in the most perverse way since it was first drafted. It will be the 4th of July all over again when the Supreme Court strikes down this law.

Lost in Taxation -

This is precisely the reason CT supports the initiative. The IRS has ballooned into an uncontrollable bureaucratic nightmare. No one knows how to run it nor keep it in check. ObamaCare made that nightmare even worse. If the words of those hypocritical Senators at the end don't get you steamed, nothing will. Just further proof that government never shrinks or stays the same size under liberal control.


Marco Rubio came out with a new ad. If you have family or friends in Florida, please pass this along to them....or refer them to Conservative Thinker! Time for a real Conservative to represent Florida.

Ronald Reagan TV Ad: "Reaganomics"

Just replace "Mondalenomics" with "Obamanomics" and Conservatives in 2010 and 2012 have their tv's so simple, isn't it?

Scott Brown: Is He Stupid or Corrupt?

Tea Party Patriots in MA were single handedly responsible for Scott Brown's election. He campaigned on being a fiscal Conservative and not being Obama's 60th vote. As it has turned out, Scott Brown has proved Being Conservative in MA is an impossibility for him. I for one am absolutely outraged by his vote because it gave cover to Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. SO frustrating that our leaders find it impossible to abide by the Constitution....

� Reagan’s Political Conversion - Big Government

Good Big Government article on Ronald Reagan's storied political life. Our Conservative leaders need to find Grandpa Reagan's voice. No Republican or Conservative has engaged the nation the same way since. How we need his voice in these dark political times.....but we shall overcome!

Republicans square off in Arizona Senate debate - Yahoo! News

If any of you watch reality shows like Survivor, you know that it is wise to take out alliances as early as possible in the game. When it comes to politics, this same strategy should be used. In this case, we need to break up the alliance between John McCain and Lindsey Graham by electing JD Hayworth 2010 for US Senate. Good people of Arizona (including my parents), get out and vote for JD in 2 weeks. Let's break up the RINO alliance in the Senate!