Friday, July 16, 2010

Olbermann, Matthews, Ratigan, Schultz, Carville.. Racists? Dallas Tea Party

The Dallas Tea Party Patriots put together a montage of liberal media hosts bashing The One.....funny how this is not considered racism by Garofalo.

Ron Paul’s Campaign for Lunacy | Parcbench

Courtesy of Daria DiGiovanni, one of the more trusted Conservative activists on facebook and the web in general. While many claim policies of libertarianism overlap and complement conservatism, foreign policy certainly is not one of those areas. There is a very large Ron Paul contingent within Conservative Thinker's fan base and wanted to get your reaction to Daria's piece.

Pelosi applauded at Planned Parenthood event - Simmi Aujla -

This is the kind of news that makes me sick. Nancy Pelosi is a complete fraud. She claims to be a Catholic yet endorses abortion bills and policies that support the brutal act time and time again. I wish it were possible to oust her from her perch but the beloved city of San Francisco is too warped to know any better. - Fox News Poll: Obama a Hindrance on Fall Elections

Fox News poll saying Obama can only hurt Democrat candidates in November. News flash, Obama a hindrance to our economy, jobs, security.......

Hot Air � Pawlenty: No truce on abortion issues

Tim Pawlenty has taken a no truce stance on abortion issues. Here at CT, abortion is viewed as murder. How do you think our Conservative leaders should handle this issue come 2011 and 2012 leading up the Presidential election?