Tuesday, July 13, 2010

YouTube - Paul Ryan - "I'm in the Chris Christie Camp" - Let's get a grip on gov't spending

Paul Ryan comes from the Chris Christie camp!? Those of you who want to see this presidential ticket, might get what you wish for down the road......Good watch for those with a spare 8 minutes.

Crist leads 3-way Senate race in Florida - Yahoo! News

For those of you on the ground in Florida, can you please give your take on this poll? Marco Rubio cannot possibly be down by this much? This needs to be a rallying cry folks. Floridians need to engage their family and friends to make this right in November.....

One of those rare moments when I’m at a loss for words | RedState

Erick Erickson's humor is one of the reasons Red State is so successful (among many others). Have a quick read on his appearance on John King's show....quite humorous but also gives us great insight into how a liberal's mind works (imagine a box with rocks inside).

Deficit Chicken Hawks vs Ronald Reagan | The Big Picture

I do not consider myself to be a great writer nor a great scholastic mind, but I can pick out frauds and morons. Here is a highly regarded financial author, runs a very popular blog, and makes countless appearances on nightly news shows. He is also a man that has obviously never studied Ronald Reagan. He tries to draw similarities between BHO and RWR that couldn't be more different in substance. Just to point out a handful: 1) Congress creates a budget, not the President; RWR pushed for increased spending in our military only. Democrat Congress under both RWR & BHO 2) BHO is fundamentally transforming our country by means of re-distributive measures. RWR cut taxes for all without prejudice. Btw Mr. Riholtz, RWR didn't have an "electoral base". He won MASSIVE landslides in 2 elections; the entire USA was his electoral base. 3) Double digit interest rates and sky high inflation under RWR; none of the above under BHO. Reversing course of that magnitude took time. Injecting TRILLIONS of dollars into our economy now should have some positive impact but it hasn't. BHO's 18 months of spending > all Presidents before him COMBINED!