Monday, July 12, 2010

Majority of Americans lack faith in Obama: poll - Yahoo! News

The tide is turning and will continue to turn. Time to engage the other 40%....although the great majority of the 40% is made up of drones (channeling Mark Levin).

Republicans should embrace Paul Ryan's Road Map | Washington Examiner

I strongly encourage each of you to read this article by Fred Barnes. House Republicans and Republican candidates for the House NEED to take up Paul Ryan's Roadmap. Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network spoke today about how easy it COULD be for Republicans to take back Congress if only they embrace an action plan. This is the action plan (endorsed by Jim DeMint too). Imagine if we had only 2 income tax brackets!? Remember when Obama was silenced by Ryan's eloquence and intelligence at the health care summit?

Michelle Obama Visits NAACP on Eve of Tea Party Condemnation - ABC News

NAACP wants Tea Party Patriots to condemn racist elements of the movement......maybe we'll do so when the NAACP condemns the racist elements of the Black Panther Party. Of course this is all predicated on the face that the Tea Party supports racism (at any level). Is there even video evidence of violent, racist acts committed by Tea Party members? Breitbart's $100K check has gone unclaimed because no one was able to provide video evidence of Tea Partiers using the "n-word" in reference to black Congressional member during the Obama Care signing march. We have video and audio of 2 members of the Black Panther Party wielding clubs in front of a voter booth......honestly, the race card is used and abused by liberals and Democrats. Minorities need to wake up to this blatant abuse.

GOP 'Young Guns' to release book - Jake Sherman -

The timing could not be better for the House Republicans to come out with a book like this. For those of you who have been with CT since the beginning, you know Paul Ryan has become a favorite. The fact that these three men are putting their Conservative principles on the line is a great thing. As much as we complain about Republicans not doing enough to voice their positions, we must support them and support them loudly when they do.