Sunday, July 11, 2010

Obama hits golf course - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Obama, "I will not rest!.......Jobs, jobs, jobs....." I wish golf was considered "work" in my world.

New Jersey Governor Defies Political Expectations -

There are too many incredible quotes from Gov. Christie in this piece to post individually so here is the full article. A little suspect that this comes from the NYT but this kind of press will only help his cause. I wish other Republicans would take notice of this Conservative straight talk (unlike McCain's phony "conservatism") because it the recipe for winning, not only elections, but the minds and hearts of the electorate.

� Love Or Hate Sarah, She’s The Best Pick For RNC Chair - Big Government

In direct response to a post from a few days ago about whether or not you'd support Sarah Palin as RNC Chair, Big Government came out with this piece which I thought would add to the debate which many of you engaged in. Most of the pro's and con's raised in this piece have already been brought up by the ever intelligent fans of CT!