Wednesday, July 7, 2010

U.S. Program to Detect Cyber Attacks on Infrastructure -

This is for those who had issues with the Patriot Act. Not only does this push the limits of the Patriot Act (which some would argue are already stretched far enough) but it also exemplifies the overwhelming desire the Obama Administration has to infiltrate the private sector. - Bin Laden Aide Pleads Guilty, Setting Up First Conviction Under Obama Commissions

It is quite unusual for CT to compliment the Obama administration but let's make one exception: trying terrorists at Guantanamo Bay in a military court is a good thing. Obama should see the benefits of these trials and utilize GB to the fullest extent possible.

Obama Job Approval Rating Down to 38% Among Independents

Here at Conservative Thinker, we are poised and ready to prevent Obama from being elected to a 2nd term as President. We must not be the silent majority any longer. If you are an independent or if you casually follow politics, the time is now to engage and educate. We cannot afford to lose more liberty than has already been taken; not to mention the mountain of debt he and his Congressional counterparts have left for us and generations to come.