Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Clinton urges rich Latin Americans to pay 'fair' tax share

This isn't class warfare? Taxation (in some form) on lower incomes is a drag on productivity? What NO liberal has ever answered is what level of taxation on the rich or wealthy is fair? The answer is, whatever it takes to keep covering entitlement programs (even though they never could). This is uber frustrating.

Matt Lauer All Star Performance

Matt Lauer SHOCKINGLY presses Obama on what can only be interpreted as inaction and lack of leadership. 956 days left folks. A conservative victory in November will help ease the pain this President is causing our great nation.

Hot Air � Crist scrubs campaign site of pro-life support

Charlie Crist, you make me sick. How you live with yourself is beyond me. Marco Rubio had better get elected in Florida.....

Obama with the Kalamazoo Asleep student!

Absolutely priceless. Jedediah Bila, if you're still feeling sick, this will definitely cheer you up! Enjoy everyone :)

Democrats propose further tax hike on offshore oil - Yahoo! News

I am going to research this but my initial thought is that the government makes more money per gallon of gas than oil companies.