Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The great Jon Voight

 Jon Voight is truly amazing. Finally a Hollywood conservative that is not afraid to voice his concerns and speak the truth. If only this man would consider becoming an elected official....although his role as a spokesman for the Tea Party movement fits him well. 

Boehner: Obama speech 'diminishes' the presidency - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

John Boehner sounds like the leader we need in the House come November.....

Obama Weekly Approval Average Dips to New Low of 46%

Obama's approval average looks like the Dow Jones......

YouTube - There Are too Many Bureaucrats and They Are Paid too Much

A bit of a lengthy video, but incredible video provided by The Heritage Foundation on government workers versus taxpayers.

Romanoff confirms job discussions with White House - Yahoo! News

Sean Hannity couldn't have been more spot on during the 2008 election campaign. Chicago style politics run amok in Washington D.C. since the beginning. The light is beginning to shine in the darkest of corners of this administration.

The Great Divorce | RedState

No this isn't in regards to the sad separation of Al and Tipper Gore (truly it is sad), but about the divorcing of America's infatuation with our president. Erick Erickson is correct on all accounts. - Brewer Says She's Ready for Potential Federal Court Challenge Over Immigration Law

This court battle will only be trumped by Obama which we have the best and brightest defending and overturning these respective laws. Governor Jan Brewer cannot be commended enough for her steadfast resolve and commitment to securing our border and enforcing our immigration laws....something Obama refuses to do.

Hot Air � Video: Hecklers tee off on Obama during surprise appearance on bus

This is pretty reminiscent of Bush's final 2-3 years in office but it's happening in Obama's first term. He is dividing this country like other figure in the history of American politics in my humble opinion. What are your thoughts?