Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - Ideology Vs Electability in California GOP Senate Race

Good people of California, please do not compromise conviction. Fiorina is another Jerkinator in disguise. Chuck DeVore is the man we need to get behind and get elected. He can defeat Boxer and will not compromise on conservative principles. Sarah Palin, you got this one wrong.

William McGurn: Gallup's Pro-Life America -

A very brave article written in The Wall Street Journal on America's 2 year pro-life majority and the media's blatant disregard for this news.

� Clinton Redux: The Joe Sestak Affair - Big Government

Ahhh memories. We've missed you Bill, but your spirit lives on.....

Hot Air � California jobless claims hit modern record high

California is the perfect example of a RINO leading donkey's to water. California is in desperate need of a Conservative Senator and a Conservative Governor....which is why we need Chuck DeVore. A conservative in the White House is too much to ask for.....

White House backs investigation into Israeli raid

Why does this administration hate Israel? This is down right embarrassing how we're treating our Middle East friend.

OK. That’s it. I quit. | RedState

Absolutely amazing. This is why I love Red State (article by Vladamir). Erick Erickson, thank you for this website and we'll see you on Sean Hannity's Great American Panel tonight.

Obama Approval Index Month-by-Month - Rasmussen Reports™

Via Rasmussen Reports. Those charts are attractive, but they can be even better looking with a handful of inevitable poor decisions.