Monday, May 31, 2010

To Be an American - HUMAN EVENTS

Amazing Memorial Day read.

Who's on first......

Absolutely hilarious and absolutely spot on...... it's just unfortunate that this is true and that this merry-go-round won't stop. Imagine how well off this country would be right now (comparatively speaking of course) if we hadn't participated in any bailouts, spending packages, or stimulus packages.

� Republican Roots of the 1964 Civil Rights Act - Big Government

I urge everyone to read this article. It gives a great summary of the GOP's efforts over the last 100+ years to achieve racial equality. It needs to be pointed out more often that Being Conservative allows for greater liberties and freedoms without being dependent on the federal government (please see any liberal social program).

Bill Maher: Obama should shoot someone in the foot | RedState

How do liberals get away with this? Can you imagine the collective heart attack that the news media would have if a conservative or Sarah Palin said this? African Americans in this country should feel completely insulted by this man. Then again, African Americans should feel left behind and insulted by liberals for numerous reason to follow in the next post.

Robin Hood

Quick video pointing out that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are clueless. I always love these....

GOPUSA � News � Obama admin asks Supreme Court to stop AZ from enforcing illegal alien law

One can liken the administration challenging the constitutionality of the AZ law to a person taking meat recommendations from a vegetarian: one knows nothing about the other. Time for the Supreme Court to step up and reject this request.

Steve Wynn Takes on Washington, Vegas & EBITDA - CNBC

Steve Wynn has been sounding like a conservative for a better part of a year now. Businesses and individuals are scared and no one in this administration is listening. - Obama to Arizona Governor: Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

Now that Netanyahu has cancelled on Obama, maybe he has time to meet with Gov. Jan Brewer? Rhetorical of course. What I find amazing are the other events he has planned. Meeting with an MLS soccer team? You would think Obama would extend an olive branch to Brewer seeing that he is above politics and is a uniting force. He probably realizes he'd have to read the bill to meet with her....and who would want that?!