Monday, May 24, 2010

ASU Professor of Idiocy

These are the people educating our children.....about the 45 second mark is where she shows her liberal colors. Hat tip Hot Air. 

AP IMPACT: Deadly, ultra-pure heroin arrives in US - Yahoo! News

How many reasons does Obama need to secure our damn border? Add ultra-pure heroin to the list right next to regular heroin. On a side note, did anyone see Bill Kristol and Brit Hume embarrass Kirsten Powers on Fox News Sunday with the language from the AZ law? It was truly amazing. Kirsten can be added to the list of libs who haven't read the bill nor the bill's amendments......

Crist leads, edges Meek with Dems - Jessica Taylor -

There is a lot of time before the November election but Floridians need to wake up to the fraud that is Charlie Crist. Marco Rubio needs to win in Florida.

Harry Reid angles for tea party foe in Nevada - John Bresnahan and Manu Raju -

Please read paragraph 12 and tell me why people of Nevada should NOT vote for Sharron Angle.....all of her beliefs empower the individual as opposed to the Federal Government...and that is "extreme"? We welcome that debate.

Industry Ramps Up Fight Against Plans to Tax Soft Drinks -

Here we go again! More taxes.....Taxed Enough Already! I love how these lawmakers try to make these efforts into goodwill laws. Oh sure you'll set aside the soda tax revenues for parks and playgrounds for children to use and exercise. Sounds a lot like the social security "lockbox"......

Joe Sestak admits bribe offer. | RedState

Regardless of whether or not the President knew about this job offer, this should be a scandal. When a President cannot control his administration, either the administration is too big and spread out or you are not a leader.....or both.