Saturday, May 22, 2010

� Congress Rejects Illinois Gitmo - Big Government

Came across this piece on Big Government. Absolutely fantastic news if you ask any conservative. Gitmo will and should remain open.

Gov. Jan Brewer Ad

This absolutely made my morning. Jan Brewer is really running a smart campaign; from what I can tell from CA. This ad is not only light-hearted and effective, but clearly shows why there has been so much confusion and controversy around this bill....those who oppose it haven't read it!

Al Bore.....

They should have had a camera on the student body. One can only imagine the sheer boredom and frustration the graduates were feeling. I can sympathize: Janet Napolitano was my commencement speaker....a truly tragic way to celebrate a hopeful day.

John Fund: Tea Parties vs. Unions in November -

Union thugs versus Tea Party Patriots.....people who want to be taken care of versus people who want to take care of themselves.....Big Government versus Limited Government....regulation versus free markets. We can go on and on and on...