Thursday, May 20, 2010

RealClearPolitics - Video - Calderon: Mexican Police Ask People For "Papers"

Even more proof that the fearless leader to our immediate south is as brilliant as our "leader". I don't thing Calderon even knows the laws of his own country. Only 975 days until this pathetic excuse of an administration is over and we can respond to goofball leaders like this. - Rocker Dave Matthews on Energy Policy: ‘Algae is the Future'

The professionals at are truly amazing at exposing liberals for who they really are: hypocrites. Dave Matthews is a lunatic, fringe radical who pumps out great music (in my humble opinion), but cannot walk the liberal walk (even though it's junk science). He and Harrison Ford must hang out as they preach from the same gospel: "do as I say, not as I do."

President Calderon....if in fact that is his real name......

This man is ignorant in two languages. This has seriously put on display the ignorance unlike any we've ever seen....well since the global warming myth. I would like to know who those handful of Republicans were that stood and applauded.....seeing the libs stand up was no surprise. 

Bill aims to expand benefits for the unemployed

Folks, I'm telling you, these liberals keep expanding this to keep a dependent electorate. Free people rarely side with big government and big spending. We are on the right side of history; even though it may be unpopular: See @chrischristie.

Obama pushing higher fuel efficiency standards

This is exactly what US automakers need while struggling to deal with union demands and consumer pressures.....more government regulations that raise costs and sticker price of each car manufactured. Great decision Obama.

New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Millionaire Tax; Veto Looms (Update2) -

“I don’t have an issue with millionaires, I just have an issue with people not sharing in the sacrifice,” said Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat from West Deptford. Absolutely unbelievable. Once again, government trying to be charitable with other peoples' money.

Federal Debt as a % of GDP | The Big Picture

Fully loaded chart of the year. Obama is on such a roll. I'm glad all of the massive debt he has taken on is assisting in the health of our economy and fiscal strength as exemplified by Vince's post below. Wonder who China would vote for......