Monday, May 17, 2010

American Thinker: Computer Gamers: Conservatives in Waiting

Calling all Jason Mattera fans. The American Thinker wrote this article specifically for us. The youth of this country need to be awakened to what they truly are...conservatives. Games like mafia wars, farmville, etc. all represent individually owned and operated small businesses. Successes and failures are derived from their own handy work (be it digitally). If this example can be translated into politics, we can instantaneously convert an entire electorate. If we could only impose liberal like taxes on profits on these games...

FRC's Tony Perkins Urges Senate to Reject Elena Kagan Nomination

Where are the Republican Senators? Why are they not speaking out like Tony Perkins. It is sad when our elected officials refuse to defend the views of the people and their constituency. I for one believe Jim DeMint will have much to say before Kagan breezes through her confirmation.

Tea Party Troubadour Sheds Sunglasses, Hat and Fake Name -

If anyone can find the audio of this song, American Heart, please post here. A song that inspires the tea party and endorsed and promoted by Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich is good enough for us. Hopefully Jonathan Kahn continues to get work in Hollywood.

RealClearPolitics - Video - After Signing "Freedom Of Press Act" Obama Refuses To Answer Questions

If for nothing else, comic relief. He is walking, talking, sitting, standing hypocrisy.

� Michele Bachmann, Warrior for Judeo-Christian and Foundational American Values - Big Government

Courtesy of Breitbart and Fox News. Michele Bachmann needs to be re-elected in Minnesota. We cannot afford to lose conservatives that are fighting the fight that RINOs refuse. This is one woman who refuses to integrate herself into traditional beltway trap. CT stands with Bachmann.

NBA Playoffs 2010: Demonstration planned before Los Angeles Lakers-Phoenix Suns Game 1 - ESPN Los Angeles

Anyone else have much more respect for Phil Jackson right now?

RealClearPolitics - Video - Napolitano Admits She Hasn't Read Arizona Law But Says She Wouldn't Sign It

It cannot get any more ludicrous. This is the second high profile Obama cabinet member to take numerous public positions WITHOUT reading the bill. Remember when Katy Couric askedSarah Palin what she media sources she read? I would think that Ms. Napolitano would read a bill from a state she governed less than 2 yearsago before she publicly commented (and it's less than 15 pages!). Such a disgrace to this country and to my alma mater, Santa Clara University. - Arizona in Boycott Battle With Immigration Law Opponents

BUYcott Arizona. Stand up to those boycotting a state that is defending itself from tyranny. President Obama, enforce the law and secure the border and the AZ law would not be needed.

US Cites AZ Immigration Law During Human Rights Talks with China, Conservatives Call It An Apology - Political Punch

There are far too many holes to poke in this.....Attorney General Eric Holder admits last week that he hasn't read the law and now this? Sean Hannity and company need to help get Holder out. This Michael Posner guy needs to get his own facts straight before throwing Arizona under a bus to a bunch of communists. - Americans Under 30 Most Likely to Take Uncompromising Stand for Right to Life, Says Gallup Poll

Gallup poll confirming the youth of this country are swaying from the liberal rhetoric and teaching of the Bay Boomers.

Hot Air � Cheney endorses Whitman in CA gubernatorial primary; Update: Poizner responds

Interesting post by Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air. Particularly interesting is the response by the Steve Poizner camp. It will be interesting to see how Steve and Meg attack each other over the next few weeks. CT respects VP Cheney's endorsement of Whitman but after his endorsement of Kay Bailey Hutchison, might be time to scrutinize his endorsements a bit more from now on. - ACLU, Civil Rights Groups File Suit Against Arizona Immigration Law

The ACLU is slipping. CT was expecting this 10 minutes after Gov. Jan Brewer signed this legislation into law. Now Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be down there for months. Just what we need, race baiting by protesting an allegedly racist law. The irony will be unbelievable.