Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dale Peterson - Alabama

This video has quickly gone viral on political sites and blogs. Courtesy of Hot Air. The shotgun at the end is the cherry on top.

My Way News - Rubio says country relying too much on government

Marco Rubio broadcasting his conservative views day after day. How anyone in Florida is even considering a vote for Charlie Crist is beyond me. We need people from outside the beltway. These old Washington elites have had their time. We need fresh blood representing traditional social and economic values. Marco Rubio represents these values and deserves the vote of every Floridian.

Kagan unlikely to see GOP filibuster on nomination - Yahoo! News

Ok this is entirely frustrating. We have a woman with ZERO judicial experience, has never argued a case before the Supreme Court and had a senior thesis on the sad demise of socialism in the country. As Mark Levin says, let's give them the same hell they gave Clarence Thomas, Robert Bork, Samuel Alito, and Harriet Myers. Remember, Barack Obama lead a filibuster effort against Alito in 2005. This woman should NOT fly through the to approval.

Abortion foes capitalize on health care law - Yahoo! News

This could be the only good news to come out of Obama Care. As conservatives, we believe that a pregnant woman carries a living human being entitled to the same rights as a life outside of the womb. To see these plans restricting the ability to kill these lives is encouraging. It will be interesting to see how Charlie Crist approaches this vote before the November election. It would be shocking if he stuck to his stated pro-life position and passed the bill.

Laura Bush says Kagan nomination is 'great'

This is precisely what we do not need. Just because a judicial nominee is a woman, African American, Jewish, gay, lesbian, whatever, does not qualify them for the bench. Why do we need nominees to "represent" a particular sect of our society? Does the Constitution "represent" a certain group? No, it represents us all. Justices should not be looking out for the little guy or the fat cat; they should be interpreting the law. Laura Bush = FAIL.