Saturday, May 15, 2010

Palin to join Arizona governor at campaign event

Palin comes out in support of AZ Gov. Jan Brewer. Good to see this after Palin's endorsement of Fiorina (instead of Chuck DeVore) and John McCain (instead of Hayworth). Stay strong Gov. Brewer; you and the AZ legislature did the right thing. - House Republicans Launch Anti-Government Spending Program

Very interesting idea by the GOP. Eric Cantor and company might be onto something.....a new version of the Contract with America? Would you all participate in this?

Quick Hit

Quick Hit: Why does the media have a HUGE problem with facebook privacy settings (which we have control over), yet the government just passed Obama Care which gives the government access to our medical records. Which do you think should stir the bigger outrage? Media = FAIL.

Saluting Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address - HUMAN EVENTS

CT is a dedicated fan of Jedediah Bila and her work. The interview with Mark Levin explains the purpose and meaning behind Jack Levin's book on the Gettysburg Address. It is a great book that evokes a lot of emotion from a time period our generations can only read about and watch documentaries on. What saddens me is the commentary of those ignorant people below the interview.