Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hot Air � Video: Chris Christie destroys reporter for calling him confrontational

As the Allahpundit says, we may have found the guy. I'll be honest, his retort in this video gave me goosebumps. Chris Christie is likable in the sense that he is black and white in his positions. New Jersey is fortunate to have elected this man. I hope he moves out here to California after his term is up and takes a hatchet to our state's budget. Amazing.

Tea Party Racists

Take this for what it is worth. A lot of the clips are just that, clips. You don't get the full context of each claim but having painfully spent time watching a lot of these shows, it is CT's opinion that they are claiming Tea Partiers are racists. And liberals claim we use scare tactics....unbelievable. The man with the nose piercing is the guy that raises the best specific attention to his words. 

Holder hasn't read Ariz. law he criticized - Washington Times

We shouldn't be surprised that Holder hasn't read the AZ law. Seriously, how difficult is it to read 17 pages? Politicians claimed to have read the 2,000+ page Obama Care bill but they can't read Arizona's? The reason why they say they haven't read it is because when they do, they'll realize that profiling is strictly forbidden. - Republican Amendment Would Bar U.S. Bailouts of Foreign Nations

Mike Pence to the rescue. How the USA is responsible for bailing out other countries is beyond me. The fact that we need to pass a resolution to do so is almost laughable. This is the libertarian in me coming out I recognize. CT does not believe in foreign or domestic bailouts regardless of the fallout of the "inaction" by the government. Recessions and depressions are like haircuts; sometimes you need to cut off a few inches so the hair grows back stronger and fuller (kind of like an economy!).

Conservative. But Also Republican. | RedState

Erick Erickson is the primary reason CT follows Red State. His write up on Republicans vs. Democrats and the roll of conservatives in primaries is spot on. We need to elect conservatives first and foremost, but we also cannot stand to have more liberals elected and run this country into the ground. Jim DeMint types are who we need. Primary RINO's and defeat the libs. Together we can.

N.J. gov. sets tone for US -

Absolutely fantastic article from The Hill. Chris Christie is doing the job he was elected to do and not playing to polls. Some say Obama is doing what he was elected to do....I say burning the Constitution and lurching hard left is not what this country elected him to do. We need more men and women like Christie elected this year.

Crist Cross

Charlie Crist's main objective in Florida's Senate campaign is to show his true colors. Marco Rubio for Senate 2010! 

� How Donald Berwick Will Run Your Health Care - Big Government

Mark Levin spoke at length about this man, Donald Berwick, last night on his show. He told the back benchers to run with this story because of how critically important it is for everyone to understand the pathway liberals want to take our health care. I find it sad that this author on such a great website wouldn't credit Mark about this issue. An important read and listen....