Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He's making a list & checking it twice

LA city council votes to boycott Arizona but will continue to buy nuclear power.  Let's list the reason California is going down the tubes (full disclosure: I live in CA)
1) No toys in Happy Meals
2) No plastic or paper bags at grocery stores
3) Arnold Jerkinator
4) LA city council boycott of AZ
5) Gavin Newsom

Quick Hit

Xbox, PS3, iPods, iPads lead to too much info for people and create confusion? 1) no one gets news from video games (BO campaigned on Xbox) 2) iPads have apps for newspaper subscriptions 3) isn't more info always better? Isn't it the responsibility of the individual to reference check? Oh that's right, we peons can't think for ourselves. We need you Barack, tell us what to think, tell us who to watch and listen to. 

Jeb Bush Endorses Scott Walker in Wisconsin as New Conservative Leader - ABC News

Listen up all you great folks from Wisconsin, this may be the next rising star; and not because of Jeb Bush's endorsement. After doing some diligence on this man's background, CT likes the platform he is speaking about. We will keep our eye on him and update on new speeches or public positions taken on issues dear to the conservative movement.

CBO doubles some health care spending estimates – This Just In - Blogs

Paul Ryan warned us this would happen. Over the next few years, as certain provisions from Obama Care commence, the sunlight will expose the true costs. Imagine what amnesty would do to these figures.........