Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hot Air � Video: Obama’s really bad, not good, terrible week

Wouldn't be surprised if most of you saw Sean Hannity the other night but here is a great recap of the absurdities and blatant amateurism of this Administration.

La Raza is full of agitators

"They want to keep us out of this country......" These are the people who need to be exposed for what they are...racists. "The norther front of a revolutionary movement...40 million potential revolutionaries." Why do these people not understand it is not about race or ethnicity. It is about your ILLEGAL status. These people are dangerous..."our enemy is capitalism." These people educate our children. This is scary.

I’m staying with Chuck DeVore | RedState

Californians, CT truly hopes you've taken in the differences pointed out on our page between Chuck DeVore and Carly Fiorina (we hope Campbell is an after thought at this point).Chuck is the clear conservative candidate. To have Ken Buck (CO), Marco Rubio (FL), Jim DeMint and DeVore in the Senate would truly get this country back on the Reagan path.

Immigration Debate Continues to Rage

A fantastic ad placed by Governor Jan Brewer. It is time for the Federal government to do what the Constitution requires: protect it citizens.

Poll: Obama has Lost Almost Half of his US Jewish Support - Politics & Gov't - Israel News - Israel National News

How are the numbers even this close? He is completely alienating and backstabbing our only true Middle East friend. Even still, this tide needs to keep moving in this direction.