Friday, May 7, 2010

Ariz. governor rejects delay of immigration law - Yahoo! News

Sit down Chucky Schmucky Schumer (as Mark Levin calls him). We do not need your NY promises. We stand with Gov. Brewer and the state of Arizona. Sure up those borders and enforce our immigration laws.

No Need to Compromise - A message from Chuck DeVore | RedState

We need Chuck DeVore to win this primary. We cannot compromise like we did with John McCain. Moderate conservatism is not the recipe for victory. Ronald Reagan won massive landslides coast to coast and within California as a hard nosed conservative.

Obama Calls April Jobs Report 'encouraging News' -

Two things: 1) yes it is encouraging news that there have been increases in hiring 2) the rise in the rate means people who previously were not looking for a job now are which could mean a turn in the economy.

The issues are 1) the unemployment rate is still going in the wrong direction 2) temporary census workers are still keeping the rate DOWN 3) college graduates with no jobs are not yet included in the rate calculation.

Revisiting Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative: A Message to Our Youth | AMAC, Inc.

Jedediah Bila with another fantastic article. She invokes the spirit and wisdom of Barry Goldwater in this piece.