Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Carly Fiorina rakes in the pro-life endorsements | RedState

I have to admit that Carly receiving numerous Pro-Life endorsements is a good step, but keep in mind, this is a primary. Chuck DeVore has repeatedly and publicly stated his pro-life stance. This just further shows Campbell should NOT be our candidate.

Part 2. Visit the website at

November is OUR time!

First of 2. If this doesn't fire you up to vote in November, nothing will.

New Bill Would Make Long-Overdue Changes to Tax Code | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Remember during the Health Care Summit how Republicans were suggesting make changes to health care piece by piece and not in one fell swoop? Walking the walk with taxation. Let's get the train moving in the right direction. This proposal would do enormous good for our country without adding $1 of new taxes, stimulus or bailout funds. Not only that but it would make dire the need to CUT spending and entitlement programs. But alas, this can never work with this Congress or regime.

� What Budget Crisis? California Wants to Ban Shopping Bags - Big Government

Honestly, I do not know how I live in California and remain sane. The government, state and local, and environmental groups change their minds about what type of carrying device we can use for our groceries than can be counted. Imagine carrying a Happy Meal with a toy in a plastic grocery bag....California would arrest you, charge you, and jail you for 5 lifetimes.

Fred Barnes: Democrats at Ramming Speed -

Great article in the WSJ by Fred Barnes. This is the precise reason why we must all ensure we are registered to vote and to exercise that right come November. Every vote, every election matters. Can you imagine if we took what we know now back to November 2008? Many of us were aware of what was coming down the pike, quite a few have buyers remorse. It isn't just the Presidential election either. We need conservative majorities in Congress to undo this damage!