Monday, April 26, 2010

Hannity Tonight

Ramesh Ponnuru to Al Sharpton tonight on Sean Hannity's tv show, "You have a problem with cops, not the law."

Howard agrees to $125 million extension with Phils - Yahoo! News

Obama's pay czar will inevitably be investigating this salary.

Furor grows over Arizona's illegal immigration law - Yahoo! News

Here is mainstream media reporting protesters putting swastikas on windows of our federal buildings because they oppose the cracking down of our federal and state laws. The Tea Partiers do nothing like this and get vilified. The ACLU is strictly a criminal front group that prides itself on promoting racism in this country. As Rush explained today, isn't racial profiling = affirmative action? Food for thought.

Quick Hit

Quick Hit of the Day: 1,000 days remain for the Obama regime. Something to be happy about.......

Obama's Rallying Cry

This is extremely painful to watch so be warned. And Mr. President, the first time voters in 2010 will be voting against you and your change.