Friday, April 23, 2010 - Arizona Governor Signs Controversial Immigration Enforcement Bill

Arizona's passage and adoption of this immigration law was long overdue. The President has instructed the Justice Department to investigate the Constitutionality of the law. Two things: 1) Why didn't the President instruct the JD to investigate the Constitutionality of Obama Care? Individual mandates are constitutional? 2) The portion they believe is unconstitutional is law enforcement questioning persons suspected of illegal status and enforcing the immigration law. Doesn't law enforcement do this with suspicion of intoxication? They question suspects and determine sobriety based on tests? This is different than profiling, mind you.

Rush Limbaugh: Liberals and the Violence Card -

Reading an article like this provokes my obvious disdain for this administration, but it also fuels my love of this country. Rush definitely has a way of rousing the conservative base in a positive, NON-VIOLENT way. His words push me to engage in political discourse with my friends, family, and yes, even co-workers; which is exactly what the silent majority (conservatives) must do right now. Mark Levin emphasizes in Liberty & Tyranny that we must engage our opponents, take them on politically and challenge their views. Friends, be comforted knowing that our views put us on the right side of history, always. - Poll Shows Support for Tea Party Movement Continues to Grow

Mark Levin discussed last night that one day the people will rise up against this administration/government. Well this poll is proof positive that the people's hearts and minds are changing to fit that prediction. The tea parties we see now are just the beginning of the restoration of this country.

Quick Hit

Quick hit: President Obama said today that the Arizona immigration bill is "misguided." We think you are misguided Mr. President.