Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jersey Gov. Christie Shuts Highway Toilets to Save Money - Bloomberg

Chris Christie is on the move. This man was hell bent on reigning in waste, fraud and abuse in NJ's budget during the campaign. Tough decisions need to be made in NJ; this being one of them. They will only get tougher Chris.....fiscal responsibility will pay off in the end.

Liberty, Tyranny, and the Globe - Mark Levin - The Corner on National Review Online

The Great One, Mark Levin, wasting no time in hitting back......

This photo does a decent job of explaining the bank meltdown but I find flaws: 1) people taking on these loans couldn't afford them in the first place 2) The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 ensured the people got housing loans 3) Banks knew the risk of investing in these instruments but ignored it because of the astronomical returns garnered from purchasing bundled assets 4) Individuals were buying homes with ZERO money down and balloon interest schedules.....who in their right mind does that? Our government, including George W. Bush, propped up these banks for no reason. Markets correct themselves; sometimes in an incredibly painful way. Personal responsibility for individuals and corporations does not exist.

Ariz. immigration debate pressures McCain - Yahoo! News

John McCain, your time is up. You served this country honorably in Vietnam and for that we will always be grateful, however, you have stuck it to conservatives for too long. Your middle of the road stances and your "Maverick" tendencies did not advance the cause of individual liberties, personal responsibility nor the defense of the Constitution. Your flip flops on immigration will not be tolerated. Which is why CT is here to endorse JD Hayworth 2010 for US Senate in Arizona. (Mark Levin also supports JD.)

Cheney backs Rubio - Jonathan Martin -

Marco Rubio endorsed by VP Cheney. Good to see the VP get this one right after his endorsement of KBH in Texas.

Epistemic Nonsense - Count Me on Team Levin | RedState

Apparently Mark Levin's book, Liberty and Tyranny, was attacked by a "conservative" writer over at The Corner. The author to this post does a nice job defending Mark and his book. CT agrees with this writer in many respects: 1) Mark needs no defense as his work stands on its own 2) global warming is a product of pure alarmist rhetoric 3) incandescent light bulbs do work better (and don't contain mercury) 4) when your personal liberties are under attack, playing nice isn't always the best approach: rally the troops and defend conservatism!

Happy Earth Day!

Conservative Thinker would like to ask Al Gore and the rest of the global warming crowd, what temperature would you like the earth to be and how much of a carbon reduction would it take to achieve this goal? Any good leader needs to know what the end objective is to effectively and efficiently achieve this goal.