Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goldman suit figure touted, fundraised for ally Schumer - Ben Smith -

The Democrats and liberals are constantly bringing down executives and companies on Wall St. Well how about Chuck Schumer breaking bread with Goldman....and helping push for legislation and SEC rules that favor tax treatment on investment income? The hypocrisy, again, is simply laughable.

This interviewer tried to trap this man and what did he do, what every Tea Partier has done: be respectable and answer from the heart. Nice try main stream media but our folks know your game plan. Hat tip Mark Levin for the link.

High unemployment not the "new normal": Romer - Yahoo! News

The question is, what are you doing, Mr. President, to prove that high unemployment isn't the new norm? Your policies do not promote investment and consumer spending. Businesses do not know what their tax rates will be going forward from one day to the next. You have pumped billion and billions of dollars in the form of stimulus and "jobs" bills and nothing has worked. Change indeed.