Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doctor shortage? 28 states may expand nurses' role - Yahoo! News

This is supposed to generate enthusiasm for our youth to go through extensive years of schooling and training and to take on mountains of debt to be told that they can share the doctors office with a nurse practitioner? Good thing the additional 32 million won't affect our ability to see our DOCTOR.....apparently the definition of doctor = nurse practitioner to the 2010 Congress and Obama administration. Unbelievable.

YID With LID: SEIU Exec VP: "White Workers Are So F***ing Rabidly Racist"

Talk about scary. And the tea partiers are the racists. The SEIU is such a criminal front group. They admit they do not represent their members and yet they retain power. Sickening.

Quick Hit

Quick hit of the day courtesy of Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network, "We were better off during Bush's recession than Obama's recovery." Do you agree?

� Labor Unions: Employment at Wal-Mart Like Slavery - Big Government

� Labor Unions: Employment at Wal-Mart Like Slavery - Big Government

Labor unions claim to be on the side of the worker and minorities. It angers me to no end that these union bosses do not see the incredible good companies like Wal-Mart do for cities and towns. Cheap medicine, cheap goods, HEALTH CARE for it's workers, JOBS. I find it funny that the jobs created by the stimulus are temporary and unfunded and the jobs created by companies like Wal-Mart are relatively permanent and paid for (and not by taxpayers). The word slavery is being thrown around like it is 1800. Cut the crap Big Labor; we see through you. You want to control the worker; to enslave them through your self-serving lobbying efforts. We will not stand for it. We stand on the side of the private sector.