Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - McDonald's Warns It May Nix Hourly Employee Health Coverage, Citing New Federal Rule

Uh oh! More proof that Nacy Pelosi was correct....yes correct. We must pass the bill to find out what is in it. This is working according to plan. The private sector must drop these low income workers from their plans and BOOM onto the public option....

Advice for University of Chicago Professor Todd Henderson -

Another link from The Wall Street Journal I failed to post over the weekend. The advice in this article supposedly targets the "wealthy", post-Bush tax cut expirations, however, I think there is a lot of credible advice for those that fall below the $250K Obama threshold.

GOP candidate signs, then unsigns Tea Party agenda | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

GOP candidate unsigned a Tea Party pledge because he caught flack from his Dem opponent for NOT supporting earmarks for the district. Apparently Mo has forgotten who won him the primary. Do you think his unsigning of the pledge hurts his chances for election? Would you still vote for Mo if you were in his district?

Steve Moore: The Pelosi-Reid Deficits -

From The Wall Street Journal: Why won't Republicans point out this argument that Steve Moore makes? Mark Levin has increasingly pointed out that it the Dems have been in power for years, yet they stick to the "blame Bush" mantra without recourse. That narrative must change and soon.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prove Them Wrong

I forgot to post this over the weekend. My apologies. The NRSC has just be on fire with their campaign ads this year. Please share your thoughts!

Grayson Defends "Taliban Dan Ad" After Context Is Played: "We Tagged Him...

Alan Grayson may just be the most disgusting, dishonest person in Congress today....possibly ever. Even MSNBC cannot handle the blatant lie Grayson put out. Simply incredible.

Obama: Fox News is ‘destructive’ to America – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

If Rupert Murdoch were smart, he'd just let this insult on Fox News go. Fox is successful for numerous reasons, not just because it has a more Conservative slant than other news organizations. Should Fox lower itself to address the President's remarks?

Reusable Grocery Bags Breed Bacteria - Denver News Story - KMGH Denver

So we cannot use plastic bags. It is frowned upon to use paper bags. Now reusable bags are breeding grounds for bacteria. What does the carbon footprint look like to clean the bag (laundry = energy, soap, etc....anti-bacterial wipes = trees, chemicals), the counter it sits on, the car is was loaded into?

Geithner Cornered On Tax Hypocrisy | RedState

Jason Mattera is amazing. I love his ambushes on political figures. Oh Timmy G, too scared to answer an honest question?

Geithner Cornered On Tax Hypocrisy | RedState

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lazio Drops Out of New York Governor's Race -

From The Wall Street Journal, hopefully Lazio now becomes Paladino's biggest advocate. This should dramatically increase our chances to win in NY. Murkowski, Crist, Castle (assuming you become a write-in), take note.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here comes Carly! Reactions are welcome....

Christie Veto Shuts Down Abortion Clinics in NJ - By Daniel Foster - The Corner - National Review Online

Governor Christie's fiscal conservatism complements Conservative views on abortion.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Save His Presidency? Obama Tells Woodward: "We Can Absorb Another Terrorist Attack" | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Here is commentary on the quote from The Heritage Foundation.

Hat tip to The Great One - Mark Levin. It's easy to forget just how lucky we were to have had the leadership of Ronald Reagan. For a man that ran on the platform of hope, it's sad to see a country that has none. We shall overcome!

Ronald Reagan TV Ad: "Its morning in america again"

CT has shared this video before, but you need to contrast this with the video being posted after this.....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Senate blocks debate on ending military gay ban - Yahoo! News

This is precisely why our Congress is disgusts so many people. This bill was supposedly introduced to allow homosexuals to openly serve in our military. But as the opposition to this bill points out there are "Democratic plans to bring up immigration-related legislation known as the "Dream Act" as an amendment to the bill. It would provide a conditional path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants if they go to college or do military service." How sneaky.

Obama Leaves "By their Creator" Out of Declaration of Independence at Hi...

If you listened to Rush or Mark Levin yesterday, you've already heard or seen this. If you haven't, do you agree with Mr. Levin that he purposely skipped over "by their Creator"? I certainly agree this was intentional (but on the teleprompter), but why?

Esther Scott

Erick Erickson over at RedState shared this link earlier and I had to pass it on to you good people. What a great ad. Floridians, how could you not vote for Rick after watching that? - Amid Bush Tax Cut Debate, Obama Tax Cut Quietly Nears Expiration

This is all well and good but don't you wish our "leaders" would cease using the term "class", especially middle-class. Stop catering to these make believe groups of voters & tax payers. Just give us our money and stop spending the money you do take from us.

Tea Party

Sarah Palin has been putting out some highly effective and motivating ads this political season. What are your thoughts on this ad?

Monday, September 20, 2010

House Republicans set to unveil agenda Thursday | Reuters

Do you think not having the House Republicans sign this "pledge" or "contract" is a mistake? Does it matter one way or another to you?

Repairing the GOP’s relationship with the black community | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

From The Daily Caller.....CT's exit question: For the African Americans that are fans of this page, what, from your experience, does the GOP or Tea Party movement do that turns off the majority of black voters? Why do they "dismiss" voting for a GOP/ Conservative candidate? I would agree men like Paul Ryan & Eric Cantor must engage these good people, but what message would work? What should the priorities be in their message?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Colin Powell critical of President Obama - Carrie Budoff Brown -

"This movement doesn't become a real force until it's— until it starts to talk to the issues. I want to cut spending. I want to have lower taxes. But how do you do that? You can't just have slogans. You can't just have catchy phrases. You have to have an agenda." - Colin Powell - Sen. DeMint Warns of Possible Death for GOP

I think there is more to what Jim DeMint is saying here. I believe he is right that if the GOP gains majorities in Congress and does not hold true to the promises made regarding spending, the GOP will die out. But what I think Sen. Demint may be alluding to is the possible rise of an actual Tea Party replacing the GOP. What are your thoughts?

Hot Air � David Brooks: Tea partiers are narcissistic, egomaniacal, self-righteous people who distort the truth!

Mark Levin, our "Conservative" at the NYT addressed by RedState. Just pathetic.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Congressman Pence wins conservative straw poll - Yahoo! News

I have to admit I love seeing Mike Pence winning this straw poll. Not certain he can garner the type of national publicity needed to win a general but it's good seeing a true Conservative getting the recognition. What are your thoughts on the poll results?

Obama Countdown Clock -

My brother sent me this to post. I'll be purchasing one for my office at work. Truly amazing!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Employment generation disappointing: LA City Controller - International Business Times

This is the kind of crap that fuels the Tea Party Express. How can this much money only "save" or create this many jobs? Let me give you an example, facebook has reportedly raised, from private venture capital companies, just over over $200 million and has CREATED over 1,000 jobs. Private sector or government? No brainer folks. Liberals can never intelligently argue this point.

Tea Party Express Is Driven by a Seasoned Hand -

Via The Daily Caller, The Wall Street Journal points out what many, many of you have been saying here: we are done giving to the RNC. The Tea Party Express has our best interests at heart and because of that, we will donate there. For those of you who currently contribute to or formerly contributed to the RNC, will you or have you changed your donation behavior?

It’s Not Ronald McDonald’s Fault - HUMAN EVENTS

Jedediah Bila has ascended onto the national scene through appearances on Sean Hannity's show on Fox News and through the endorsements of Mark Levin. If you do not follow her on facebook or twitter, don't worry, CT will be bringing her articles to you because she is always hitting the libs where it counts. This article focuses on personal responsibility. We have focused on California's initiatives to ban Happy Meals and now this comes along.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pelosi hedges on tax cuts - Jake Sherman -

The libs are running against former President Bush (again) in November, yet are going to, more likely than not, extend Bush tax policy. They were for it before they were against it, and then for it again after they were and still are against it? I think they're trying to confuse us on purpose....

Barack Obama’s World View | RedState

Erick Erickson, calm, cool, collected and correct.

Cowardly Republican Senate Aides Begin Attacking Jim DeMint | RedState

RedState's Erick Erickson is always on point. The Republican establishment should be thanking Jim DeMint because if we gain a majority by electing conservatives, we could have sustained majorities for generations to come. The short sidedness of the establishment is absolutely infuriating, especially when the establishment invokes Ronald Reagan's good name in their campaign speeches, propaganda, etc.

Karl Rove is no conservative, as his memoir shows -

We've discussed many times that Bush was not a true Conservative. This article goes into some detail about why we Tea Party Patriots are/were disappointed in Bush and in Karl Rove. Good to see Mark Levin getting recognition for sounding the big government alarm during the W. years.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ken Buck Gets the Truth From Michael Bennet on His Concern for Earmarking

Colorado, this video should tell you who to vote for to be your next Senator. Tea Party Patriots on the march in Colorado!

Townhall - Christine O'Donnell Must Be Punished!

Another great piece on the Tea Party tide vs. Big Government vs. GOP establishment vs. liberals. Hat tip to the Great One, Mark Levin for providing the link.

Sharron Angle TV Ad: "Best Friend"

Let's not forget the biggest race in the country....Harry Reid must be defeated by Sharron Angle. Time to do what we can to support her, either through cash, calls, speaking to family and friends in Nevada, whatever we can.

Rush on Karl Rove's O'donnel comments

Good Lord...thank you Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network! The ditto cam was on fire today thanks to El Rushbo's passion. Karl Rove, you listening? We must, must get behind our Conservative candidates. Now is the time to support, not to rip aprt our own. As someone questioned here yesterday, this is a conservative page, right? Well you damn right it is. I share in Rush's passion to adamantly support, unapologetically, Christine O'Donnell. There is no reason we cannot make her the 51st vote in our cause. Now, dammit, let's do this.

Hot Air � Cornyn: NRSC fully backing O’Donnell, giving maximum donation

NRSC throwing their weight behind O'Donnell despite early claims they would not. Good on Sen. Cornyn. The next 48 days are going to be amazing.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hot Air � Waxman: You’re darned right we Democrats will pursue cap-and-trade next year

You want to know why we take our chances on Christine O'Donnell? 1) Conservative principles should not be compromised regardless of electibility. 2) Mike Castle would love to vote for Crap and Tax.

I don't want to compromise with these extreme leftists who completely disregard our Constitution. The Good Ole Boys need to realize they will not be supported in these races, and when/if they do realize they need to return to Conservative principles, we can have coast-to-coast majorities back.

Lawsuit on Obama health plan likely going to trial - Yahoo! News

"This court is free to disagree with Congress' policy judgments but it is not free to overturn 75 years of Constitutional law."

Umm, yes, the Supreme Court can overturn anything they want if the law is not Constitutional. Precedent is not law....I'll get into this more later.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Governor Christie Responds To Teacher During Town Hall

Just when Gov. Christie is about to be written off by CT as a RINO (see amnesty, Castle endorsement, etc.) he goes and does this. This is the Christie we love. This is the Christie we wanted on issues like this. As an accountant, I'm trying to figure out if we agree 80% of the time with this guy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obama vs. JFK on taxes

Very cool video I found from The Heritage Foundation. How silly does Obama sound in comparison? Where are the fiscally conservative Democrats today? JFK would be one of the millions of Tea Party Patriots if he were alive today.

U.S. names Asian carp czar - Chicago Breaking News

I am speechless....

Sen. Reid's Former Campaign Manager Makes Shocking Revelations of Illegal, Undeclared Donations

From Breitbart. Good people of Nevada, please do not sit on the sidelines this November and allow Harry Reid to make this race with Sharron Angle close. This article has a link to an interview of Reid's former campaign manager and a link listing 1,001 reasons to not vote for Reid. I have personally donated to Angle's campaign while living in CA. We can make a difference. Reid needs to go. Who is with me?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Obama Against a Compromise on Extension of Bush Tax Cuts -

This is how Obama's latest stimulus will be "paid" for. Now the wealthiest among us will think more than twice about hiring and spending. Just sickening...

One Nation Under God - Jon McNaughton

Another great video discussing Jon McNaughton's other amazing piece of art. Amazing.

Climate: New study slashes estimate of icecap loss - Yahoo! Singapore News

Oh boy....not more evidence that man's impact on "global warming" has been overblown! Junk science plain and simple. Carly Fiorina, are you listening?

The Forgotten Man - Jon McNaughton

Mark Levin, if you haven't seen this, check it out. Go to the artists website and it gives incredible background into each president and their role in the current debt crisis. Quite a powerful piece of art.

Boehner vs. Obama: the coming showdown over spending | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

John Boehner is going to have a very difficult job come January (I hope). He and Mitch are going to prove they are Conservative at heart or McCain middlemen.

Recovery Summer?

We must make November the only good thing to come of Obama's presidential election. We need Conservative principles to be restored in these United States and put back into motion in our elected branches of government.

Monday, September 6, 2010

New Republican Ad.wmv

In the spirit of Obama's new $50 BILLION stimulus proposal, I give this chunk of giant red meat. Would love to get your thoughts on this video....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Personal Tribute to Sean Hannity |

Great piece by Charlie Daniels, yes the singer, on Sean Hannity and his commitment to our troops and their families. Say what you want about Sean's politics but this man is unwavering in his support for our brave men and women. Thank you Sean!

Billboard buyer shares why he brought 'Vote Obama?' sign to the Ozarks | KY3 News, Weather, Sports - Springfield, MO | Video

I absolutely love these billboards that keep popping up across the country. This may be my favorite yet.

Feds sue Arizona sheriff in civil rights probe - Yahoo! News

Not surprising after Hillary placed 1070 in the report to the UN on US civil rights violations.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Woman Sues Facebook After Being Banned From Site

"Perhaps there is a human rights argument after all?" I am hoping the author of this piece is throwing out the absurd question to insight debate. I also post this to let you know that many, many people in the Silicon Valley follow websites like this (me for one) to gain insight into high-profile start-ups and public companies. Their influence, particularly on the coasts, seems absurd to middle-America I know, but it's real. These are small examples of why our coasts are so liberal. Subtle ideas like facebook being a human right......

Tea Party promises to be a force in November - Yahoo! News

Astro-turf huh Pelosi? We Tea Party Patriots are in the process of taking back our country and our party. We will Remember November by coming for you and your liberal friends, politically speaking of course.