Monday, July 12, 2010

Michelle Obama Visits NAACP on Eve of Tea Party Condemnation - ABC News

NAACP wants Tea Party Patriots to condemn racist elements of the movement......maybe we'll do so when the NAACP condemns the racist elements of the Black Panther Party. Of course this is all predicated on the face that the Tea Party supports racism (at any level). Is there even video evidence of violent, racist acts committed by Tea Party members? Breitbart's $100K check has gone unclaimed because no one was able to provide video evidence of Tea Partiers using the "n-word" in reference to black Congressional member during the Obama Care signing march. We have video and audio of 2 members of the Black Panther Party wielding clubs in front of a voter booth......honestly, the race card is used and abused by liberals and Democrats. Minorities need to wake up to this blatant abuse.