Friday, July 30, 2010

Will Washington's Failures Lead To Second American Revolution? - IBD -

Obama's inexperience or cruel intentions? This economy and his destrustive policy is a result of one of the two aforementioned options. The title of this article is misleading in my opinion, but I enjoyed the read.

Maxine Waters on the Oil Industry

‎"[Maxine] Waters has been under investigation for a possible conflict of interest involving a bank that was seeking federal aid. Her husband owned stock in the bank." - Yahoo.

You remember Maxine, right?

Democrats Fighting Regulation of Freddie & Fannie

Maxine Waters greatest hits.

North Korean football team shamed in six-hour public inquiry over World Cup - Telegraph

And we want to sit down with leaders of regimes like this without pre-condition. Mark Levin (@marklevinshow). Truly sad.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

History Is On Our Side

Tim Pawlenty positioning himself to be a player in the 2012 conversation. I have to be honest, the ads that have slowly come out have me quite excited for the primary campaign season.

Democrats Underestimate the American People Once Again | RedState

Michele Bachmann might be reading CT! She echoes exactly what was said here yesterday at 12:12pm. Why the Democrats are doing this is beyond me, but I am certainly happy they are willing to walk themselves off the cliff.

Republican Study Committee (RSC) - The Caucus of House Conservatives

Tom Price has heard Mark Levin's warning of the potential destruction the inevitable lame-duck Congress will have on our country and has put forth a resolution to avoid such destruction. This will be a noble effort that will, in all likelihood, be defeated.

Republican Study Committee (RSC) - The Caucus of House Conservatives

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paul Ryan: The Choice of Two Futures

One of Conservative Thinker's favorites Paul Ryan. Do you think he should consider a run in 2012 or would you prefer that he remain one of the core House Republicans pushing positive, Conservative legislation into this decade?

Statement by Governor Jan Brewer on SB 1070 | Jan Brewer

Governor Jan Brewer's statement on SB 1070. We need to support her and her fight. Add her to the list of outstanding female politicians walking the Conservative walk...(Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, Nikki Haley for Governor, etc.). This woman has been a machine on this issue. If other Republicans stood on principle like Gov. Brewer has, we'd be in great shape as a nation. - Quick Analysis of the Arizona Immigration Law Ruling

Fox News put out a succinct summary of the 1070 ruling in AZ. Please share.

DNC mocks Tea Party movement, calls them ‘elite’ | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Liberals have voluntarily disenfranchised themselves from middle-America. Calling Tea Party Patriots "elite" and just part of the Republican establishment? Tell the two Republican clowns in Nevada that ran against Sharron Angle or the others who ran against Rand Paul. Nikki Haley for Governor is another example. The Tea Party answers to know one or nothing except the Constitution. Branding the Tea Party as elite is only going to further push Democrats out of favor with the American people. h/t The Daily Caller

Pelosi on 75th Anniversary of Social Security: 'Democrats Will Keep Our Promises to Seniors Now and Into the Future'

Nancy Pelosi,"we will see Democrats are there to preserve Social Security; Republicans are there to privatize Social Security." What she is saying is that Democrats are pushing to bankrupt the country and Republicans are pushing a solution to reduce the unfunded liability and restore individual liberty? Did I get that right?

Cap-and-Trade Cronyism - HUMAN EVENTS

Great piece by CT's friend, the Brian Sussman Show. Suss has appeared on Sean Hannity's show and authored the book "CLIMATEGATE". This piece is particularly interesting to me given I live in the Silicon Valley and am an accountant. The money trail that Brian lays out is never investigated or publicized by the mainstream media. The potential payoff for Al Gore and his cronies is why this lame-duck Congress coming up is so frightening. We must keep calling our Senators to block any global warming or climate change bill that comes down the pike because it will not only create more bureaucracy, but it will raise our energy costs and make Al Gore an even richer individual off junk science.

Judge Blocks Parts Of Arizona Immigration Law -

H/t to Mark Levin. This judge has put our country on the fast track to losing our sovereignty. Why is it when you travel to Europe, you're required to have your passport on you? Why is it that if you break a law in this country, knowingly, and get caught doing so, you are a judge! These crucial components of the bill don't appear to be stripped, just blocked from taking effect...but can we really expect this judge to do the right thing now? As a side note, you RINO's in the Senate, you see why confirming Kagan would be an absolute tragedy for this country? If this case goes to the SCOTUS, she will not defend State's rights nor the Constitution. Pathetic.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Michelle Malkin � Open-borders/SEIU caravan to Arizona: You read it here first

Thank you Michelle Malkin for the late night news. Unions have become an absolute disgrace to this nation. For decades, they have single handedly driven prices up on countless consumer products. They no longer represent and stand up for their members, instead, they reach for more power by rooting their liberal veins in administrations and congress' like the one's we have now. Now they are using dues to bus their activists to AZ to protest 1070. Preservation of the secret ballot is essential!

Mass. Legislature approves plan to bypass Electoral College - Local News Updates - MetroDesk - The Boston Globe

I cannot wait to get Mark Levin's take on this. What a disgrace to our Founding Fathers and our Constitution. Liberals are looking to game the system in any way they possibly can these days. Do you think this is a good idea? Would you want your state to enact this law?

Hot Air � Collins a no, Lieberman a miss on DISCLOSE vote; Update: Brown says no; Update: Snowe says no — and Feinstein, too; Update: Cloture fails, 57-41

he RINO's finally come through for once! I guess they throw us a bone every time and again. We need to get enough Conservatives in office that these RINO votes become expendable.....that may take some time :)

Opinion: Obama, Reagan, and the economy - Frank J. Donatelli -

Kind of surprised POLIITICO ran this piece given their tendency to lean left. This is what we have been preaching for months: government spending stimulate no economy except Washington D.C.'s. What Mr. Donetelli does not say is that this was the intended result. Let me say that here and now, Obama, Pelosi and Reid are happy with the state of the economy. How do I know this, because of the actions they take. Obama has Ronald Reagan's economic recovery blue-print in hand and uses it to wipe the golf course grass off of his shoes. Exit question, would a cut in your federal income tax rate help you today?

Paul Ryan says he’s trying to provide leadership for “decentralized” GOP | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Pretty excited The Daily Caller is getting on the Paul Ryan bandwagon. Hard to argue with many of Ryan's plans and ideas. We are in desperate need of Conservative solutions. Is there a government program that is off the table in terms of cuts? Would the US really be able to forgo government run Social Security this time around?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Paul Ryan talks taxes & spending with MSNBC's Chris Matthews

Paul Ryan, my apologies for not watching your appearances live: 1) because I have a job and 2) because I refuse to give CM's ratings. Common sense and easy to understand language....who does that sound like? And NY, how can you elect a moron like this? A small price to pay for living in the greatest country in the world? That is outright socialism. Liberals complain about Iraq and Afghanistan (even though they voted to enter each war) but they have been creating class warfare since their inception. Pathetic.

Is this man Obama's worst nightmare?

Spend some time with this link everyone. Herman Cain has been supported by CT for a long time now. He is finally getting some national coverage and hopefully will garner more respect from Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots. If you have yet to see him speak, this link has many videos that will impress you the same way Ronald Reagan did. He has the perfect combination of eloquence and intelligence. I hope the conversation of 2012 candidates continues to include Mr. Cain. He may be the man we are looking for....

Oliver Stone: 'Jewish-Dominated Media' Prevents Hitler from Being Portrayed 'in Context' |

This should make you sick to your stomach. Hitler taken out of context? Really? Unless you mean the death and destruction caused by this jerk cannot be grasped unless experienced, then maybe. This Oliver Stone is a class-A lunatic. This man needs to be boycotted by Jews, Germans, and everyone who has any ties to a man or woman that aided in the defeat of the Nazi's and Hitler. Oliver Stone you are an embarrassment to our country.

Self-Reliance: Better Than Government Dependence | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

An eye opening study conducted by The Heritage Foundation. Please send this off to your liberal friends. The question I have is driven from the last paragraph: has our country lost a sense of pride in work and self-reliance? Have we become comfortable with having government always there to bail us out and prop us up?

Obama's message to voters: Things could be worse - Yahoo! News

Obama is right, things can be worse and he intends to follow through on that promise if we do not prevent him from furthering his agenda. He has had 18 months to stop the recession and reverse it. Success is measured by private sector job creation in the millions. That is the only way this country will see George W. Bush-era unemployment rates. He has the power to do this with his liberal Congress but refuses to utilize policy that works.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Goes After Breitbart on AC360

Watch this at your own risk; be prepared to get extremely fired up. This woman, Shirley Sherrod, has proven to be an uneducated opportunist. If she had an decency, she would have corrected the audiences' reaction after her racist remarks during the much publicized speech Breitbart unearthed. Breitbart is not a racist and did not attempt to get you fired. Again, Ms. Sherrod, your speech did not nothing to sooth race relations, it inflamed them. Instead of suing, why don't you meet with Breitbart and show compassion instead of hostility? Why can't you recognize that the NAACP audience you had hanging on your every word was wrong for interpreting your "out-of-context" speech? This is bordering on the absurd....but Tea Party Patriots, yeah, we're the racists....of course.

White House predicts record $1.47 trillion deficit - Yahoo! News

The Obama machine will require much creativity and spin to blame this on George W. Bush. $1.47 trillion. This is absolutely staggering. If any of you listened to Mark Levin last night, he played clips of The One blaming US for HIS spending!! Obama is quite literally making a mockery of the office he holds. He has lost all credibility. He has proven that he is more committed to his leftist ideology and ego than preserving the greatness of this country and promoting wealth creation, prosperity and economic expansion. Serenity now!

Bernanke Says Extending Bush Tax Cuts Would Maintain Stimulus to Economy - Bloomberg

History has proven that tax cuts spur growth and generate more revenue for government (God know's we need more given the spending). Allowing the Bush tax cuts to lapse only for the rich only does what Alinsky calls for: pick the target, freeze it and demonize it as best you can. Redistributing wealth, further creating and enforcing class-structure and an electorate.

Hot Air � Judge scoffs at pre-emption argument in AZ lawsuit

This judge could be bringing us good news soon. It appears Eric Holder might be made the fool on this argument. Suing a state law that mirrors federal law makes zero sense. Not suing sanctuary cities for blatantly ignoring federal law also makes zero sense. Then again, the Obama Administration doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Hopes for the outcome we want in AZ!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

House Democrats mock GOP for ‘read the bill’ legislation | Washington Examiner

John Boehner is playing this one correctly. I think any reasonable American would want a 72 hour rule on all proposed legislation. Does this not seem like the most prudent law a Congress has conjured up in a LONG while?

Obama team's panic over losing whites

Pretty good assessment by Buchanan. I don't agree with a lot of what he says, but seems on target here. To build off of JB's commentary, doesn't this make a Hillary Clinton/Obama face-off in the Democrat primary only more believable? I mean, I find it hard to believe she will not try and seize on Obama's unpopularity. What do you think? Will Hillary run for the Democrat nomination?

Obama Changes Tune on Paying for Unemployment Benefits Extension - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

Our fearless leader, the Budget Hawk. Another 26 weeks of unemployment benefits that will lapse when he has a lame-duck Congress (scary). This guy talks out of every corner of his mouth (he has more than 2) and lives by the motto "two wrongs make a right". I am convinced he is obsessed with George W. Bush; so much so that he wants to reach Bush's end-of-second-term popularity (or lack thereof) before his first term ends...which he will because of the next link....

Americans Voice Their Thoughts Through the Tea Party Caucus

Michele Bachmann explaining the Tea Party Caucus to Greta on Fox News. Michele and Sarah Palin have more cajones than the majority of the Congressional men. Conservative women are the greatest assets to our movement; we MUST support their re-election and election bids ( Sharron Angle!) through our voices and wallets.

RealClearPolitics - Video - Harry Reid: Auto Bailout Probably Saved Ford

Sharron Angle, run this clip into the ground. Harry Reid is such a menace that he does not even know where he helped spend billions of our tax dollars (mostly future tax dollars). This man wants to lead the Senate for another 6 years? Can you imagine if Sarah Palin would have said this? And Reid VOLUNTEERED this comment on the Senate floor; this was not a "gotcha" question in an unpredictable interview. Bless Sarah Palin for her patience in how she is treated. - Producer for NPR Affiliate Apologizes for Hateful Remarks on Rush Limbaugh

Courtesy of Fox News, an irrelevant NPR producer apologizes for comments made about Rush. What you'll notice in her apology, and I hope Rush brings this up today, she did not apologize to RUSH! And if you listened to Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network yesterday, he masterfully made light of these comments because he knew she had dug her own grave. Ever since Tucker Carlson started The Daily Caller and joined Fox, he has been white hot in exposing fraud, waste, and now the inner conspiracies of liberal "journalists".

"Again, Rachel?"

Marco Rubio, you hit this one out of the park. In other news, "The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Florida finds Rubio earning 35% support and Crist capturing 33% of the vote." - New Jobless Claims Jump by 37,000 After Hitting 2-Year Low

From Fox News, be prepared to hear the "recovery" is slowing or not as "sharp" as anticipated alllllll day today from the liberal media. The fact that the media has accepted the term "jobless recovery" shows you how in the tank they are for this administration. Further, Biden has set the table for what may be the Obama mantra for why we are not seeing job growth: the GOP got in the way of having the necessary size of Stimulus to reverse this recession. I do not know how Obama's conscience allows him to continue on this path of destruction when real people are hurting. Truly pathetic.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Worlds Collide: Breitbart Meets Boehlert on ‘Good Morning America’

"Media Matters for America is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media." Mark Levin perfectly describes MM as "criminal front group". Fans of CT, I may need you brink me back from the brink; I am about to lose it over this interview with Breitbart and this scumbag from MM.

Worlds Collide: Breitbart Meets Boehlert on ‘Good Morning America’

Sessions Takes on Obama Judicial Philosophy, Announces Opposition to Kagan

Sen. Jeff Sessions was fantastic throughout the Judiciary Committee hearings of Elena Kagan. Being Conservative in this Congress requires a strong voice, passion for liberty, and the fortitude to stand up for the Constitution. I just wish Lindsey Graham wasn't taking a nap while Sen. Sessions was speaking; he may have learned something. - GOP Loses Bid to Block Suit Against Arizona Law

Via Fox News, this is why I love Jim DeMint. This man works tirelessly for the Conservative cause. This was the first of two moves Sen. DeMint has made this week to curb the stupidity of this administration and Democrat Congress 1) Blocking the law suit against AZ and 2) repealing the "Death Tax".

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - New caucus says it won’t vouch for Tea Party � - Blogs from

Members of the Tea Party Caucus. Michele Bachmann, thank you!

Gold Coin Dealers Decry New Tax Law - ABC News

This is how out of control our government has become. Gold tax in a Heath Care bill??? I know this has gone on for generations and under all Presidents and Congresses, but it certainly doesn't make it right. This is precisely why our Founders wanted a limited government; with limited government, there is transparency.

National (US) Poll * July 21, 2010 * Obama Approval Drops To Lowest - Quinnipiac University – Hamden, Connecticut

We shouldn't become overly optimistic because we still need to find the right Conservative candidate for 2012, but the polls are moving in the right direction. Exit question, what do you think Team Obama will try and do to regain popularity?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Sean Hannity has been preaching this JW issue since early 2007. How much evidence does it take to convince the Drones among us? When will Americans wake up and dismiss the mainstream media? It is reassuring to know the 1,700+ of us are actively working to reverse the destructive course the media and this administration is on....

Hot Air � Crist flip-flops on ObamaCare

For those of you in Florida, please inform the page of what Marco Rubio is doing in to counter this man. How can Crist loft these softballs up without Rubio knocking them out of the park? Is Rubio baiting Crist and the voters? Will Rubio finally start throwing knockout punches or is he waiting until September/October?

Mark Levin reacts to Charlie Crist calling Reagan a RINO

Being a loyal fan of Mark Levin (more like devoted back-bencher), I dug up some audio of the GREAT ONE capturing my mood for Charlie Crist right now. I cannot stand this Crist. He said he was less a RINO than Ronald Reagan?! My head is going to explode. Please Florida, give us Marco Rubio.

Missouri's Future

As Matt Drudge pointed out this morning, here they come! The election season essentially kicked off today with Roy Blunt's first fire across the bow at the Obama/Pelosi/Reid machine. I look forward to seeing who can attack this machine in the most creative, articulate way. Regardless of the ads, the quickest way to bust the machine, is electing Sharron Angle!

Stimulating Unemployment -

The Wall Street Journal consistently puts out quality editorials and opinion pieces. When I watched the Rose Garden speech yesterday, I was thinking exactly what is discussed here. 99 weeks on unemployment....Mr. President, again, unemployment does not help the unemployed, jobs help the unemployed.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Crist Rules Out Running For Senate As Independent

Not that Marco Rubio needs campaign advice, but this is the only video you need to run, over and over and over and over again. This is why I despise this two-faced RINO....or IINO, whatever he is now.

In 2010 Florida Senate Race, Charlie Crist Uses GOP as New Foil -

Charlie Crist has become one of my most despised people in the political world (emphasis on world). This man has no spine, no integrity and no party. People like Crist give the Republican Party a bad name...let's get McCain and Crist factored into the unemployment calculation come November!! Marco Rubio and JD Hayworth 2010 for US Senate!!

How Do You Like New Jersey Now?

Courtesy of the Governor Chris Christie Fan Page. Hard to argue with his results thus far. He has really walked the walk on Being Conservative. You wonder why the GOP is looking at a massive gubernatorial landslide this November? Look no further than recipe Gov. Christie has put forth. - Pence: States Using Federal Funds for Abortions Through Health Care Law ‘Must Not Stand’

Mike Pence is another solid, reliable Conservative. The notion that abortions will not be federally funded continues to be difficult to prove. Why must we conservatives fight so hard to keep our tax dollars from funding the murder of innocent life?

NAACP Bigotry in their ranks

H/T Breitbart for incredible video exposing the NAACP's hypocrisy. Unfortunately, Fox News will probably be the only news organization airing this video.

Oil Spill Timeline on Vimeo

Timeline of the oil spill in the Gulf. Sadly, seepage has been detected almost 2 miles from the cap. Let's pray this ends for the sake of our waters and for the folks whose livelihoods depend on the cleanup and capping efforts.

Reid’s Deficit Addiction Is Blocking Unemployment Benefits Extension | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Courtesy of The Heritage Foundation.....yet another reason to vote for Sharron Angle...might be the only reason you need: TO REMOVE HARRY REID! If you saw Obama's speech in the Rose Gardens today on Fox News, the one thing that stood out was he said it was our "responsibility" to take care of those who are unemployed. Mr. President, you are the single greatest factor keeping these people down and unemployed. Your policies are causing us to take a stand on spending. You force us into the moral dilemma of choosing between bankrupting our country and extending over 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.....

Sharron Angle to Publicly Sign Death Tax Repeal Pledge | Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate

Great people of Nevada, if you need another reason to vote for Sharron Angle, please see the attached pledge she is making....

Obama Moves away from 'Freedom of Religion' toward 'Freedom of Worship'? - U.s. - Catholic Online

Linked from Brian Sussman Show. The Obama administration is a propaganda machine. Blatant propaganda is one thing, but subtle, under-the-cover-of-darkness changes in language does impact how we view certain issues. This article brings light to one way (among countless others) the Obama Administration is redefining the 1st Amendment. Is this term "freedom of worship" acceptable to you or this a case of making a mountain out of a mole hill?

Tea Party Patriots | No Racism Petition

I assume most of you are fans of the Tea Party Patriots page so this may be a double addition to your news feed, but if not, please sign their petition for no racism from the NAACP.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tea Party Speaker Calls Out KKK Members! Herman Cain, Georgia Tea Party

Herman Cain's approach to this issue was nothing short of brilliant. I wouldn't be surprised if every Tea Party started with this line of questioning; if they don't, they should. Black Tea Patriots and Tea Party Patriots, please consider using this tactic against groups like the NAACP, maybe the mainstream media will pick up on the lack of racism within this movement. - Team Obama Braces for Upcoming Story Set to Expose Intelligence Spending

Courtesy of Fox News, this a perfect opportunity for Team Obama to try and exert their influence on the liberal media. In this case, the Washington Post should not be releasing these stories as they do absolutely zero good. It benefits no one to expose spending activities during war time. I just don't get it, these liberal media outlets are said to be so concerned for our troops that they want immediate withdrawal yet they pull stunts like this that could do serious harm to our troops' morale and safety. I surely hope the Obama Administration can silence these stories.....please do not misinterpret this as a call for censorship....

United States Halts Gravy Train for British Global Warming Unit

Let's just hope this is a permanent suspension. The global warming scam needs to end. And if we suspend funding for this research, why would the lame-duck Congress in November/December try and pass a cap-and-trade bill? The answer is obvious: 1) Al Gore and his other liberal cronies need their payday for their carbon credit market and 2) a huge power grab. For another example of Obama Admin hypocrisy, please see ObamaCare "is a tax" "is not a tax" below.

African-American Republicans, if elected, will have to decide whether to join the Congressional Black Caucus | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Allen West is not an up-and-comer, he is a superstar from Florida who needs to become mainstream and an elected member of Congress. He embraces the Conservative cause and would be an instrumental voice in delivering our message to the black community. The black community, I believe, has more commonalities with conservatives than liberals....we just need someone like Allen West to finally engage this constituency desperate for a party/movement to liberate and empower them....which is precisely what conservatism does.

President Obama's Pledge Never to Raise Taxes on Anyone Making Less Than...

Remember this from 2008? 1) Bush tax cuts expire for all income levels beginning 1-1-11 and 2) Please see the post below where the Obama Administration is now defending Obama Care by declaring it is a tax. This is politically amateurish, but he will get away with these lies and contradictions because the lame-stream media will not hold him accountable and Republicans are too inept to point out these types of contradictions in their campaigns.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit ( feat. Brad Stine

Absolutely hilarious. I hope you laugh as hard as I did!

Changing Tune, Administration Defends Insurance Mandate as a Tax -

I sure hope Mark Levin gets out in front of this with Landmark Legal. We have been talking about how ObamaCare makes a mockery of the Constitution in the most perverse way since it was first drafted. It will be the 4th of July all over again when the Supreme Court strikes down this law.

Lost in Taxation -

This is precisely the reason CT supports the initiative. The IRS has ballooned into an uncontrollable bureaucratic nightmare. No one knows how to run it nor keep it in check. ObamaCare made that nightmare even worse. If the words of those hypocritical Senators at the end don't get you steamed, nothing will. Just further proof that government never shrinks or stays the same size under liberal control.


Marco Rubio came out with a new ad. If you have family or friends in Florida, please pass this along to them....or refer them to Conservative Thinker! Time for a real Conservative to represent Florida.

Ronald Reagan TV Ad: "Reaganomics"

Just replace "Mondalenomics" with "Obamanomics" and Conservatives in 2010 and 2012 have their tv's so simple, isn't it?

Scott Brown: Is He Stupid or Corrupt?

Tea Party Patriots in MA were single handedly responsible for Scott Brown's election. He campaigned on being a fiscal Conservative and not being Obama's 60th vote. As it has turned out, Scott Brown has proved Being Conservative in MA is an impossibility for him. I for one am absolutely outraged by his vote because it gave cover to Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. SO frustrating that our leaders find it impossible to abide by the Constitution....

� Reagan’s Political Conversion - Big Government

Good Big Government article on Ronald Reagan's storied political life. Our Conservative leaders need to find Grandpa Reagan's voice. No Republican or Conservative has engaged the nation the same way since. How we need his voice in these dark political times.....but we shall overcome!

Republicans square off in Arizona Senate debate - Yahoo! News

If any of you watch reality shows like Survivor, you know that it is wise to take out alliances as early as possible in the game. When it comes to politics, this same strategy should be used. In this case, we need to break up the alliance between John McCain and Lindsey Graham by electing JD Hayworth 2010 for US Senate. Good people of Arizona (including my parents), get out and vote for JD in 2 weeks. Let's break up the RINO alliance in the Senate!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Olbermann, Matthews, Ratigan, Schultz, Carville.. Racists? Dallas Tea Party

The Dallas Tea Party Patriots put together a montage of liberal media hosts bashing The One.....funny how this is not considered racism by Garofalo.

Ron Paul’s Campaign for Lunacy | Parcbench

Courtesy of Daria DiGiovanni, one of the more trusted Conservative activists on facebook and the web in general. While many claim policies of libertarianism overlap and complement conservatism, foreign policy certainly is not one of those areas. There is a very large Ron Paul contingent within Conservative Thinker's fan base and wanted to get your reaction to Daria's piece.

Pelosi applauded at Planned Parenthood event - Simmi Aujla -

This is the kind of news that makes me sick. Nancy Pelosi is a complete fraud. She claims to be a Catholic yet endorses abortion bills and policies that support the brutal act time and time again. I wish it were possible to oust her from her perch but the beloved city of San Francisco is too warped to know any better. - Fox News Poll: Obama a Hindrance on Fall Elections

Fox News poll saying Obama can only hurt Democrat candidates in November. News flash, Obama a hindrance to our economy, jobs, security.......

Hot Air � Pawlenty: No truce on abortion issues

Tim Pawlenty has taken a no truce stance on abortion issues. Here at CT, abortion is viewed as murder. How do you think our Conservative leaders should handle this issue come 2011 and 2012 leading up the Presidential election?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sharron Angle Raises Astonishing $2.29 Million Dollars in Only 42 Days | Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate

Big congratulations to Sharron Angle! With the help of Tea Party Patriots everywhere, Sharron Angle could very well be the woman to replace Harry Reid in NV. 2010 has been a huge year for Conservative women and it can only get better!

Tea Party activist denies racism

I love how CNN tried for over 4 minutes to get this man to admit that there is a thread of racism running through the Tea Party. True Tea Party Patriots do not care about one's race or ethnicity, we care about political policy.

Jeff Sessions: 'Kagan Filibuster Not Off The Table'

Via Human Events by Jason Mattera. Kagan absolutely MUST be filibustered, to not would be to bend to tyranny and to disrespect our Constitution.

Hot Air � PPP: Obama, Palin tied 46/46 in 2012 polling

Let's not get overly excited about this, especially given some of the candidates put up against Obama, but it is becoming quite evident, not just in public sentiment but in polls from just about every source, that The One is falling out of favor with the American people.

Making History in New York | RedState

NY-25, Sarah Palin has endorsed Ann Marie Buerkle. Having read through her background and her campaign website briefly, she appears to be a strong option for that district.

Tucker Carlson & Daily Caller Own Keith Olbermann | RedState

Quick laugh for you all provided by Erick Erickson.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Humor of Ronald Reagan

How we miss Ronald Reagan's wit....

Fed paints weaker picture of growth and employment - Yahoo! News

"Federal Reserve officials have a slightly dimmer view of the economy than they did in April, reflecting worries about how the European debt crisis could affect U.S. growth and job prospects." Ummm....what about the worries brought about by domestic policies pushed by Obama and liberals in Congress?????

Rand Paul would form 'tea party caucus' - Andy Barr -

What do you think about Rand Paul's idea of a Tea Party caucus? The company he would keep in that caucus is quite impressive......what else would you add to their "platform"?

I have reservations with Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap” | RedState

Today's piece from Erick Erickson over at Red State. Erick does not fully embrace Paul Ryan's road map for many reasons as explained in the attached. CT certainly agree's with Erick's take that this is not a pure Conservative roadmap, but it truly is the best, most serious proposal put forth by ANYONE on both sides of the aisle. Conservatism is coming back, and coming back strong. I feel Erick is concerned that if conservatives do take back the Republican Party, we'll wind up with a "conservative-lite" initiative...which is what none of us want. So CT is on board with Mr. Erickson but still backs Paul's roadmap until someone like Mike Pence or Jim DeMint come out with something stronger.

Four out of Five See Financial Reforms as Ineffectual | The Big Picture

Here's my boy Ritholtz trying to bait us Tea Party Patriots and Black Tea Patriots. 1) " it may be worse for the GOP, who are seen as married to an intellectually bankrupt ideology, steadfast opponents of all reform, and way too cozy with Wall Street." Married to an intellectually bankrupt ideology....obviously ignorant to the rebirth of the Conservative movement, ignorant of Paul Ryan's roadmap and ignorant of Wall Streets contributions to Obama in 2008 and 2) "If ever there was a window for a third party, it would be now . . ." You would like that wouldn't you Mr. Ritholtz? No, no, as Sean Hannity always quotes the great Ronald Reagan, what we want is a revitalized Republican Party. - Obama Administration Approves First Direct Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Through New High-Risk Insurance Pools

Where are you now Bart Stupak? In the toilet with your morals? This president is such a disgrace. Courtesy of

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

YouTube - Paul Ryan - "I'm in the Chris Christie Camp" - Let's get a grip on gov't spending

Paul Ryan comes from the Chris Christie camp!? Those of you who want to see this presidential ticket, might get what you wish for down the road......Good watch for those with a spare 8 minutes.

Crist leads 3-way Senate race in Florida - Yahoo! News

For those of you on the ground in Florida, can you please give your take on this poll? Marco Rubio cannot possibly be down by this much? This needs to be a rallying cry folks. Floridians need to engage their family and friends to make this right in November.....

One of those rare moments when I’m at a loss for words | RedState

Erick Erickson's humor is one of the reasons Red State is so successful (among many others). Have a quick read on his appearance on John King's show....quite humorous but also gives us great insight into how a liberal's mind works (imagine a box with rocks inside).

Deficit Chicken Hawks vs Ronald Reagan | The Big Picture

I do not consider myself to be a great writer nor a great scholastic mind, but I can pick out frauds and morons. Here is a highly regarded financial author, runs a very popular blog, and makes countless appearances on nightly news shows. He is also a man that has obviously never studied Ronald Reagan. He tries to draw similarities between BHO and RWR that couldn't be more different in substance. Just to point out a handful: 1) Congress creates a budget, not the President; RWR pushed for increased spending in our military only. Democrat Congress under both RWR & BHO 2) BHO is fundamentally transforming our country by means of re-distributive measures. RWR cut taxes for all without prejudice. Btw Mr. Riholtz, RWR didn't have an "electoral base". He won MASSIVE landslides in 2 elections; the entire USA was his electoral base. 3) Double digit interest rates and sky high inflation under RWR; none of the above under BHO. Reversing course of that magnitude took time. Injecting TRILLIONS of dollars into our economy now should have some positive impact but it hasn't. BHO's 18 months of spending > all Presidents before him COMBINED!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Majority of Americans lack faith in Obama: poll - Yahoo! News

The tide is turning and will continue to turn. Time to engage the other 40%....although the great majority of the 40% is made up of drones (channeling Mark Levin).

Republicans should embrace Paul Ryan's Road Map | Washington Examiner

I strongly encourage each of you to read this article by Fred Barnes. House Republicans and Republican candidates for the House NEED to take up Paul Ryan's Roadmap. Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network spoke today about how easy it COULD be for Republicans to take back Congress if only they embrace an action plan. This is the action plan (endorsed by Jim DeMint too). Imagine if we had only 2 income tax brackets!? Remember when Obama was silenced by Ryan's eloquence and intelligence at the health care summit?

Michelle Obama Visits NAACP on Eve of Tea Party Condemnation - ABC News

NAACP wants Tea Party Patriots to condemn racist elements of the movement......maybe we'll do so when the NAACP condemns the racist elements of the Black Panther Party. Of course this is all predicated on the face that the Tea Party supports racism (at any level). Is there even video evidence of violent, racist acts committed by Tea Party members? Breitbart's $100K check has gone unclaimed because no one was able to provide video evidence of Tea Partiers using the "n-word" in reference to black Congressional member during the Obama Care signing march. We have video and audio of 2 members of the Black Panther Party wielding clubs in front of a voter booth......honestly, the race card is used and abused by liberals and Democrats. Minorities need to wake up to this blatant abuse.

GOP 'Young Guns' to release book - Jake Sherman -

The timing could not be better for the House Republicans to come out with a book like this. For those of you who have been with CT since the beginning, you know Paul Ryan has become a favorite. The fact that these three men are putting their Conservative principles on the line is a great thing. As much as we complain about Republicans not doing enough to voice their positions, we must support them and support them loudly when they do.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Obama hits golf course - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Obama, "I will not rest!.......Jobs, jobs, jobs....." I wish golf was considered "work" in my world.

New Jersey Governor Defies Political Expectations -

There are too many incredible quotes from Gov. Christie in this piece to post individually so here is the full article. A little suspect that this comes from the NYT but this kind of press will only help his cause. I wish other Republicans would take notice of this Conservative straight talk (unlike McCain's phony "conservatism") because it the recipe for winning, not only elections, but the minds and hearts of the electorate.

� Love Or Hate Sarah, She’s The Best Pick For RNC Chair - Big Government

In direct response to a post from a few days ago about whether or not you'd support Sarah Palin as RNC Chair, Big Government came out with this piece which I thought would add to the debate which many of you engaged in. Most of the pro's and con's raised in this piece have already been brought up by the ever intelligent fans of CT!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

San Francisco bans... - Washington Times

Sadly, I can personally attest to this bans. I did a bit of grocery shopping last night with my wife and realized we no longer have the plastic bag option. We only get paper bags without handles. I thought paper bags created deforestation problems? And now pet stores are forced to close in SF (is that job creating?). Liberals hate liberty. It is a sad, sad fact.

Ann Coulter vs. Bill Kristol: Beginnings of a Conservative Schism?

Building off the prior post, this is precisely what we should not be doing at this moment. Many of you have commented on divisions we are creating within the Conservative movement by taking digs at Sarah Palin, etc. While I agree we cannot allow the Snowe's and Collins' of the world to run the Republican Party or break apart the great movement created by Tea Party Patriots, we must also be cognizant that we cannot afford these liberals to run this country under Obama.

GOP candidate Angle to rally GOP against Reid

1) Unifying the Republican party is precisely what conservatives need to do prior to the November election
2) It is quite shocking that the idea of privatizing social security and medicare is considered "fringe". Isn't that called liberty?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Black GOP candidate slams Obama for exploiting race - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Great article on Allen West's response to Obama and his administration's use of race in just about every political issue. I wish minorities would understand that Conservative values are liberating for ALL people. Liberal policy is racist, suppressive and creates dependency.

LeBron’s Taxing Decision | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

For those of you who listened to Mark Levin last night, this is redundant, but for those who didn't, The Great One predicted LeBron James wouldn't go to the Miami Heat because LeBron is an Obama supporter. Therefore, he would want to go to the city with the highest income tax to help support Obama's agenda. But of course, as we all know, LeBron masked his hypocrisy with "best chance to win," "I just want to be happy," "Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and I are good friends," and went to Florida where there is no state income tax.....courtesy of The Heritage Foundation.

55 Percent of Likely Voters Find ‘Socialist’ an Accurate Label of Obama? - The Campaign Spot - National Review Online

What are the other 45% thinking? Unfortunately, too many people have "accepted" socialism and liberalism as "okay". Those in favor of liberalism and socialism are voluntarily handing over their liberties. Meanwhile, we Conservative folk are having our liberties stolen from us.

Reagan Statue Planned for Airport That Bears His Name | NBC Washington

Thank you to the great people at the Reagan Foundation! Next, we need Ronald Reagan on a piece of our currency! Christie looks to privatize motor vehicle inspections, other services

Governor Christie is at it again! If he can follow through on this proposal, chalk up another win for the free-market in New Jersey. The article points out the short-term pains of governmental layoffs, but what it fails to discuss is the free-market growth. Correcting the wrongs of our state and federal governments is going to be a lot like going cold-turkey on a drug or alcohol addiction.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Obama attacks Reid's Senate opponent

I thought I was done posting for the evening but Breitbart had to throw this out there tonight. Obama calling Sharron Angle an extremist? The Republicans in Washington are extremists? Obama is bordering on insanity. It really is becoming too much to handle.....only 926 days friends.

Rep. Paul Ryan Walks the Walk on Fiscal Reform | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

The Heritage Foundation coming out with yet another piece on one of CT's favorite House Republicans, Paul Ryan. Entitlements are the single biggest threat to the US' financial stability. Ryan is the one champion we have right now. Fellow Tea Party Patriots, we must get behind fiscal guru's like Ryan or we could suffer the same fate as Greece.....

Obama: Israelis suspicious of me because my middle name is Hussein - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Our President is so clueless. It's like a bully saying, "I don't think he likes getting kicked because he isn't a Nike fan." Umm, no the kid doesn't like getting kicked. Mr. President, it's your policy Israel doesn't like; wake up!

One Hundred Days Later: The Best Way Forward with Obamacare is to End It | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Recently, prominent leaders of the Republican party have toned down their language on Obama Care. The Heritage Foundation's piece below illustrates, perfectly, why we must not lose focus and ultimately subject ourselves to this absurd law (not to mention an un-Constitutional one). CT is in favor of defunding Obama Care (assuming Conservatives and Republicans take back Congress) and ultimately repealing the law. Please "Like" if you agree or respond with your suggestions....

56% Oppose Justice Department Challenge of Arizona Law; 61% Favor Similar Law In Their State - Rasmussen Reports™

Just another example of Obama and his administration not standing with the people. CT, for one, stands with Arizona and our Constitution. It will be satisfying to see our conservative block of Supreme Court Justices smack down this Obama lawsuit in due time (after the liberal judge in AZ strikes down the law).

U.S. marks 3rd-largest, single-day debt increase - Washington Times

We need to add an item to the "certainties in life" list...1) death 2) taxes and 3) tax dollars are Monopoly to liberals and Democrats (and Republicans under Bush). Tea Party Patriots were born out of this reckless spending and will continue to push our gov't officials to stop spending our tax dollars like Monopoly money. This is outrageous, embarrassing and immoral. The Democrats have no ground to stand on this November. Let's punish them politically.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

U.S. Program to Detect Cyber Attacks on Infrastructure -

This is for those who had issues with the Patriot Act. Not only does this push the limits of the Patriot Act (which some would argue are already stretched far enough) but it also exemplifies the overwhelming desire the Obama Administration has to infiltrate the private sector. - Bin Laden Aide Pleads Guilty, Setting Up First Conviction Under Obama Commissions

It is quite unusual for CT to compliment the Obama administration but let's make one exception: trying terrorists at Guantanamo Bay in a military court is a good thing. Obama should see the benefits of these trials and utilize GB to the fullest extent possible.

Obama Job Approval Rating Down to 38% Among Independents

Here at Conservative Thinker, we are poised and ready to prevent Obama from being elected to a 2nd term as President. We must not be the silent majority any longer. If you are an independent or if you casually follow politics, the time is now to engage and educate. We cannot afford to lose more liberty than has already been taken; not to mention the mountain of debt he and his Congressional counterparts have left for us and generations to come.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Krauthammer Rips NASA Chief for Declaration to Improve Relations with Muslim World |

Hopefully some of you have seen the comments made by the NASA Chief. Please read this article and share what you think the role of NASA should be. Do you agree with the Chief's said goals of NASA are assumed to be?

AP Source: Feds suing to stop Ariz. immigrant law - Yahoo! News

1) This administration doesn't understand the Constitution and yet it is challenging the Constitutionality of the AZ bill....2) this is the same administration that dismissed the black panther voter intimidation case...3) this is the same administration that contends that compelling/mandating US citizens to buy a good or service is Constitutional.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Debt, Gov't. Power Among Tea Party Supporters' Top Concerns

Where do you fall on this chart?

� Judges, Guns and Money: Part II - Big Government

Debated on whether or not to post this article from Big Government due to the depth and detail, but it lays out just how brilliant Clarence Thomas is and how fortunate we are to have him on the Supreme Court. Mark Levin also went into great detail on Thomas' opinion last week. When liberals attack conservatives about "race", we can utilize Thomas' opinion....

Couric Fawns over Far-Left "Feminists" - HUMAN EVENTS

Jedediah Bila's latest piece on the liberal attack on conservative feminism. One thing to add to Jedediah Bila's piece is that the liberal media is naming their biggest threat: conservative women. They are quickly realizing these women are steadfast in their beliefs and a political force for 2010 and 2012. Jedediah is the person I endorse to protect this electorate and our female politicians.

Thursday, July 1, 2010 - Kagan on the ‘Right’ to Suction Someone’s Brains

Santa Clara University is a Jesuit, Catholic institution located in Northern California and is also my alma mater. I am embarrassed that my university uses Leon Panetta (amongst others) to promote the university and their mission. Partial birth abortion is among the most grotesque practices in existence even putting aside your view on abortion itself. Just another reason Kagan should not be confirmed to the highest bench in the land.